Fair Housing Napa Valley is receiving a $309,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to improve its fair housing enforcement services.

HUD announced the grant Wednesday, as part of a $38 million nationwide package aimed at combating discrimination in housing.

Fair Housing Napa Valley will be getting funding to implement “intake, counseling, investigation, testing, mediation and referral to address historically segregated housing patterns and barriers to fair housing in Napa County,” HUD said in a news release.

The organization plans to work with 15 faith-based groups in doing outreach for fair housing services to the English- and Spanish-speaking residents in Napa County, according to HUD.

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What Does Fair Housing Do ? Nothing!!!! We Called 3 times and Never got anybody to CALL BACK or To HELP US !!!! I Had a Friend Go There and didn't Help Him one Bit !!!! He Also Said He could smell alcohol on Her Breath..Why would a Federal Agency give Money to Bunch Of Free-loders??? Thats What happens when know one checks out who there giving FREE money TO!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps They Should be Advised ????????


It's a waste of money, nobody should be told how to handle their property, if you don't like what's happening, then move.


Landlords should be told how to handle their property in relationship to safety. The home should not have mold/leaks or electrical problems that can affect the safety of the tenants. We don't want to regress to the point of looking like homes on the hillsides of Tijuana.

Landlords should, however, be able to discriminate against tenants whom they believe will damage their investment. Landlords should be able to limit the number of individuals residing in their rental at any given time. They should be able to be selective about a tenant's financial stability, whether they bring animals to the residence (especially given the lawsuit situation with aggressive dogs). They should also be allowed to be selective about whether children live in the rental and the number of children/teens allowed. When tenants break rules, it shouldn't take six months to evict them and government agencies should not be paying to defend rule breakers.


Those bloggers of this forum will scream about how wasteful a grant like this is and that current housing staff should already know this kind of information. And they'll be correct. I'm not reflexively anti-government, but it's getting harder every day to have any faith at all in the expenditure of tax dollars.

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