The Napa County Green Party is hosting an event Friday to examine possible use of the Napa Pipe site to generate renewable energy.

The event, at 6 p.m. at the Napa County Library community room, 580 Coombs St., will focus on community choice aggregation. It allows municipalities “to aggregate the electric loads of residents, businesses and municipal facilities to facilitate the purchase and sale of electrical energy,” according to a news release.

The local Green Party has proposed the Napa Pipe site as a center for producing and distributing renewable energy, according to the news release.

The site has long been planned for a mixed development of commercial and residential, and the application is before the county Board of Supervisors.

Richmond Mayor Gayle Mclaughlin, Gopal Shanker, the president of Recolte Energy, and Woody Hastings, the renewable energy implementation manager for the Climate Protection Campaign, will be part of a panel discussion.

“CCAs are a progressive approach to solving some of our climate change problems,” said Steven Stratford, a member of the local Green Party. “In an economic recessionary period, they create jobs, lower energy costs and give control of rate-setting to the customers.”

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Michael - regardless of the concept's validity, the announcement says they are proposing it for Napa Pipe, which I'm sure would be a surprise to the people that actually own it.

I'm sure they'll have refreshments though. So there's that.


This meeting is not about Napa Pipe, it is about a way to bring renewable power into communities, whether at Napa Pipe or elsewhere. The problem remains who pays for it, at any location. It is an idea that may be worth checking out at least.


Is this going to be another government backed debacle...? In the footsteps of Solyndra....? I mean we cannot have growth in Napa we need more government control....! I am so sick of all this....


Aww. How cute.


Is this a fundraiser as well? They do know they will need to buy the property to do this, right?

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