A jail inmate died at 5 p.m. Monday at Queen of the Valley Medical Center about a day after he was booked into the Napa County jail on suspicion of resisting arrest, according to the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

Brandon Whiteley, 25, of Napa, was arrested Saturday after police responded at 10:55 p.m. to a report of a fight in the 700 block of Lincoln Avenue, said Sheriff’s Capt. Tracey Stuart.

Whiteley was arrested and booked into the Napa County jail at 11:33 p.m. that night. He admitted drinking and smoking synthetic marijuana, Stuart said.

At 4:15 a.m. Sunday, jail staff called American Medical Response ambulance after Whiteley was found “shaking” and “agitated” and in need of medical attention, Stuart said.

He was transported to Queen of the Valley Medical Center, where a friend reported seeing him unresponsive Monday at the intensive care unit.

Stuart said Whiteley was still in custody when he died.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, Stuart said.

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This is so sad and such a tragic end to a young life. My sympathy and prayers are for all his family who have suffered this loss.

it is pointless to speculate blame for this. It is pathetic how low you stoop to see you name posted here..
Day after day the same people just have to make their comments and make them as ugly and negative as possible...so your name is in print...ok so what???


Ya 'Livingthedream' - how easy for you to automatically state it's Corrections fault when these type of unfortunate accidents happen. It is not the jail's fault if someone used illegal drugs and then had a side effect that resulted in a fatality. It's merely an accident, of which there are too many and probably an epidemic nowadays. You may have first-hand experience being in the jail as an inmate, but it does not quality you to make the comments you did about the victim, the staff/people who work at the jail facility and their existing policies.


Selim, actually they aren't different. Also they aren't pharmacy grade at all that's the problem. Bath salts and spice aka synthetic marijuana have the same active analog synthesis in them. They just have different carriers. Know your stuff before you speak. The nurse knows best.


Livingthedream, You seem to be suggesting that this young man's tragic death is the result of inadequate medical screening at the jail What qualifies you to make this judgment? Do you have personal knowledge of the particulars of this case and/or the Napa County Department of Corrections and their policies and procedures regarding the screening of inmates for medical problems related to drug use? If not, please refrain from pointing fingers at people who likely don't deserve it.


Very very sad. Napa County department of Corrections needs to have a better medical staff and action plan for people coming in who may be detoxing or in need of medical attention regarding drug use; street or prescribed. Very sad day.


It's called "spice" and is sold in smoke shops labeled as incense. I've seen it seriously mess kids up.


They label it as glass pipe cleaner, bath salts, or herbal incense. However there's no THC in it at all. I've seen news stories on it and it can kill people with one use. Destroys your liver. Nasty stuff that a lot of people don't know about but the word is getting out.


Bath salts are very different from herbal incense (aka synthetic mj). Both are dangerous and stupid, but are different on a pharmacological level.


What the heck is "synthetic marijuana"?

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