A man who jumped off the Maxwell Bridge with a noose around his neck Sunday evening survived the apparent attempted suicide after the noose broke off and he fell near a boat on the Napa River, according to Napa Police and witnesses.

A fisherman, Mike Gregg, and his two sons, Andrew, 16, and Nick, 11, pulled the man out of the water after he jumped off the south side of the bridge. The incident was reported at about 7:20 p.m.

At about the same time, Cole McDaniel, an off-duty EMT who was traveling on the bridge, did a U-turn and rushed to the scene after his wife, Candace, saw the man standing on the ledge and realized he was about to jump.

As her husband, who works for American Medical Response, ran to the river, Candace called 911.

The man was transported to Queen of the Valley Medical Center with unknown injuries. 

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Lack of being able to access any "mental health." There simply isn't much of anything for these folks anymore.
Just take a look at the corners of Third and Randolph and surrounding two blocks. The numbers continue to grow as do such attempts. Very sad...


It's good to hear that so many people where there to help. I can't imagine the pain this person was in, but I hope he can see that there is goodness in the world.

Fleece Finder

Sounds like Napa needs to spend a couple of million on a fence. This is becoming popular.


As I read I was hoping you didn't give his name. Thanks for not doing so. His life is difficult enough already.It doesn't enlighten us to know.

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