The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is inviting everyone in California to participate in a special fast on Sunday to ask for divine intervention in the current drought emergency.

"Throughout history faithful people have held special fasts to ask God for help in times of drought, famine and other difficult times. We invite everyone to participate in this fast" said local Mormon Bishop Michael Wagner.

The special fast for drought relief is encouraged as part of the church's regular monthly fast day. Members of the LDS Church regularly fast for two meals once a month and donate the money they would have spent on those meals to a fund for those in need.   

A fast and testimony meeting will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chapel on the corner of Trower Avenue and Dry Creek Road on Sunday at 9 a.m. Everyone is invited.

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Thankful for all the rain!



I am so sorry for the pain you must have in your life. Something great and tragic happened and I am sure your choice to leave Christianity was one you felt needed to happen in order to protect yourself from being exposed to more pain. I appreciate your wanting to find answers and wanting to make sense of this life. However, you are never going to find the answer to your question. You are not seeking truth. You are seeking validation.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I know your pain must be great. I will pray for healing. I will pray for you to someday again be able to feel the love of God. He does love you. I testify this is true.

All my best to you.


Faith and prayer works for me. If skepticism works for you to bring about miracles, then more power to you !!


Those are great stories, and it's happy to hear that things turned out favorably. And I also am happy to see the church donating money to those in need. I'm just questioning some elements of religion, it's teachings and methods of teaching.

While it may seem some miracle saved these folks from certain death or mishap, it is still simply anecdotal experience and not necessarily some unquestionable supernatural force that influenced these events. One individual's story is not enough to prove anything coincidence or otherwise. I've had several near-death experiences. I'm chalking it up to simple circumstance that saved me, because I have no proof it was god.

What I worry about is that some people of faith might substitute their responsibility to conserve water, for example, and instead rely solely on prayer or fasting to supposedly relieve our drought. Taking an unproven method instead of one we all know works. Simply leaving things in "the hands of god" seriously worries me.


I don't think many people totally depend on God. He also expects us to do our part (like conserve water) but we realize we can't do it all by ourselves (like bring more rain)

Not so common sense

Hello all. Great conversation! This reminds me of the story of the roofer who started to slip off a tall roof while working. Realizing that he was going to fall and could be injured or die (and that he was powerless to stop himself), he cried out to God, "God, please save me! I'll do whatever you ask! Please help me!" Just then, right before he went over the edge, his shirt caught on a nail and stopped him from going over. "Oh never mind God" he said, "I got it."

Seriously though, I have a child who really needs list of help in life (and I have the power to help him) but he is very stubborn and is too proud to ask for my help. I think our Father in Heaven must feel the same way. He loves us and wants to help us but too often we are too stubborn or prideful to ask. Our money says "In God we Trust" but it seems as a people we have given up on that. So sad.

As for me I don't need a scientist to prove to me that God is real. Of course he is! He is my father and I trust in him.


I have had a few things happen in my life that lead me to believe that God is there and helps when asked. I thought I would share one of them with you. We were camping at Pismo beach. The Rangers were coming around to make sure everyone would have enough food to last through the day because the access to get off the beach was at least 3-4ft under water. I had not been to any type of church for 8+ years and didn't pray often. I said a prayer asking for help to allow us to be able to safely get off the beach. I was the only person in the trailer and swear I heard someone or thing say "cleanup you are going home." Looked out the window and thought "there is no way" but I did it anyways. I just finished and my husband came flying up on his ATV saying "we are leaving now!" There was a small path that had opened allowing vehicles off the beach. Coincidence maybe, God listening and answering my pray, I believe the second option. I hope this answers your question at least a little.


I find it interesting that still nobody has addressed my main question of, what evidence besides anecdotal claims, is there, that supports the notion that god affects events and circumstances in our world?

This has been a problem for me for years and years since I have left Christianity and started questioning their beliefs. I've asked pastors and ministers of churches this very question and I have never gotten a direct answer. Just scripture quotes and a lot of "um"s, "ah"s, responses that beat around the bush or the same repetitive mantras.

Anybody care to try to address my question?

Napa william

Of course every parting of the Red Sea, every man raised from the dead, every leper healed came with skepticism.

Here is the answer to your question:
Given infinite power, intelligence, mercy and justice, an equation is formed that articulates a perfect set of experiences that tests each individuals inner strengths and worth simultaneously. We call this Life, for which we give thanks to our Heavenly Father:)
I'm glad to explain it to you as well.


That doesn't answer a thing! That's along the lines of the same response I've gotten time and time again from devout believers. I used to be devout in my beliefs in god too. But what does this even mean? ".....An equation that articulates a perfect set of.....". I have to be honest here. This sounds like the typical answer made up in a complex and confusing way as to sound convincing and well thought out, but when picked to pieces, really doesn't mean anything. I just don't get it.

And again, what proof is there that any man has ever been raised from the dead? Accounts of events mentioned in the bible, if you really think about it, amount to hearsay. Am I right?

Napa william

Mouse nose, I now call you Thomas.
As the rains come and the drought ends may you believe, but to those that believe without a miracle blessed be them for their faith.

Napa william

The fast is two fold,
1 going without food for two meals.
2 Giving of your substance to one who is less fortunate.
Going without food for only two meals isn't hard but it is a sacrifice and it does help overcome the physical bodies wants and desires, and helps us become more in tune with the spirit. We see too often in today's society that bodily desires take control and ruin lives. Also we don't fast where there is a possible harm to a person, we use common sense.
After the fast we take the money we would have spent on those two meals and give it to the poor.

I challenge you to Fast with us and attend either the meeting at 9 or 11 and then ask for Bishop Wagner or Bishop Kastner to explain the Plan of salvation to you. Hope to see you there.


Ok we already know the rain,is gonna come?

Napa william

We started this about three weeks ago, so no one knew then. But I encourage you to fast with us an experience it for yourself.


I have some serious questions about this and for people of faith. If god is all-knowing, then why would there be a need to ask him for relief? Wouldn't he already know we're in a drought and that if left like this, it would lead to dire circumstances? What evidence, besides anecdotal experiences that could statistically very well amount to coincidence and happenings of everyday life, is there to support the notion that sacrificing our need for nourishment affects the properties and workings of physics? Or lifts "spells" of poverty and hardship? Is it possible that me waving a wand in the air and reciting Latin incantations would achieve the same or similar results? I'm just curious. I'm not criticizing per se, I'm only asking questions because I want to know how others of devout faith would answer those questions. I think they're valid questions and concerns as we all have a right to question our world and teachings. For the record, I am an ex-Christian.


Mouse-Nose - Of course He knows and could do something about it by Himself without us asking. But He wants to give us opportunities to be humble; to recognize his hand in all things; and for us to exercise faith. That's what religion and a belief in God are all about. We do it because we have faith that God can "affect the properties and workings of physics"; if we humble ourselves and ask Him. How do you know that those coincidences and happenings of everyday life were not affected by the hand of God?


But shouldn't he already know our intentions? Our intentions of being humble? What point is there of proving anything to him if he is all-knowing? It's like telling a psychic who already knows what's going to happen. It would seem a waste of energy.

I know what religion is all about. Been there, done that.

I don't know that those "coincidences" and happenings weren't affected by the hands of a supernatural force. Nobody does. And if someone says with absolute certainty that it was, wouldn't that seem a tad arrogant? Like the person has all the answers with unquestionable certainty? Just as I don't know for sure that it wasn't by the "hands of god", you or anyone else can't really say that is was, either.

As an ex-Christian, I've learned to open my mind to other possibilities. I no longer take a dogmatic approach or attitude to things in life. It's clear that scientific facts are facts. Anything else amounts to only opinion.

Napa william

Looking forward to meeting you Sunday.


The first Christian infraction being committed by the Mormons is their public display of humblebrag about fasting. They simply don't know when to shut up and do their thing in private.

“ . . . when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you." -- Matthew 6:16-18

Enough with the press releases and incessant PR spin. You people are an embarrassment to Christian principals.

Napa william

We are teaching people of fasting and prayer and inviting them to participate in the fast for rain. Many people don't understand the fast, and we encourage them to join. We agree with the scripture you quote:)

Napa william

Hey mouse nose give us a chance to teach you of miracles and faith, what ya say?

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