A bevy of sidewalk and pedestrian projects in Napa Valley cities will soon get a $300,000 boost in funding from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

The money will help install sidewalks in Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville and American Canyon. The Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency’s board of directors approved sending the projects to MTC during its meeting last week.

Diana Meehan, an assistant program director for NCTPA, said she doesn’t expect any snags in having the regional transportation authority approve them.

The city of Napa submitted two projects for this funding, including one for $147,000 to install a crossing under Highway 29 at Napa Creek, and another for $283,000 to install sidewalks on Browns Valley Road.

But an NCTPA project review committee felt the Napa Creek undercrossing, which would give bicyclists and pedestrians an alternative to the First Street freeway overcrossing, should use another source of funding administered by the California Transportation Commission. Approving the $283,000 Browns Valley Road project would have used up almost all of the MTC money, according to NCTPA documents.

The city did get money from the MTC source in the current fiscal year, receiving $163,125 to build a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Tulocay Creek next to Soscol Avenue. That will connect to an existing bike path close to downtown. The California State Parks Department provided $140,000 in funding for this project.

St. Helena will get $107,278 to install a sidewalk on Mitchell Drive between St. James Drive and Oak Avenue. Meehan said the city has bolted-down rubber curbs in that stretch, but getting a sidewalk put in has been a priority because a significant number of elderly residents live in the area.

Calistoga will get $106,427 to install a pedestrian pathway along the Napa River that would extend from Lincoln Avenue north to the public parking lot.

It’s a project jointly funded by AT&T, which has an office along the pathway and needs to stabilize its building foundation, according to city of Calistoga staff reports. AT&T is providing $800,000 for the approximately $900,000 project, Meehan said.

Yountville expects to receive $51,086 to pay for installing a sidewalk on the east side of Washington Street between the Yountville Inn and the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church.

American Canyon will use $47,855 to install stretches of sidewalk along Theresa Avenue, Los Altos Drive and Rio Del Mar, helping connect existing pathways, Meehan said.

The funding for these projects comes from a 2 percent slice MTC receives from a quarter-cent, statewide sales tax, according to an NCTPA staff report.

Napa County typically gets about $125,000 annually to fund bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects, but had leftover money from years past to use this year, Meehan said.

“It’s an easy funding source to get this done,” Meehan said. “We’re very pleased to see these things move forward.”

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Sidewalks are nice...but the roads in Napa are a severe and disgusting JOKE. amazing how a town claiming to be so fiscally responsible has roads that are as bad as a third world country. I live on West Park Ave and that road is a disgrace.


Great news. More sidewalks mean healthier communities!

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