Two Napa adults are in the Sonoma County jail after a Sonoma bank robbery last Saturday. The couple is also suspected of a string of Napa robberies, most of them botched, within the past month.

Undercover Napa Police officers had been on their tail Friday as they appeared to case numerous banks and businesses in Napa and American Canyon. A flyer was sent to area law enforcement agencies warning them of the duo, police said.

When the Wells Fargo branch in the city of Sonoma was hit Saturday afternoon, law enforcement already knew of the possible suspects, Napa Police said.

Using vehicle information provided by Napa Police, deputies with Sonoma Police made a traffic stop and detained Miquel Maravilla, 45, and Catrina Hockney, 34, shortly after the robbery.

Hockney was found in the back seat attempting to change her clothes, Sonoma deputies said, adding that she was found with a large amount of cash.

The suspects first came to police attention on Aug. 13 when the employees of Lola’s Market on Old Sonoma Road locked the store’s doors and called police when they spotted two people in a vehicle in front of the business who were wearing masks, police said.

An hour later, police found a vehicle matching the description of the one outside Lola’s. The rear license plate was covered with a bag that had two cut-out holes where a person’s eyes would be, police said.

The occupants of the car, Maravilla, and Hockney, were let go for lack of more incriminating evidence, police said. The vehicle was towed for expired registration.

On Aug. 27, Pueblo Market on West Pueblo Avenue in Napa was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money by a woman wearing a scarf covering her face who pulled out what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun, Napa Police said.

On Sept. 6, a male attempted to rob the Amigos Market on Solano Avenue in Napa with a semi-automatic handgun, but did not complete the crime, police said. That night, a matching suspect attempted to rob a Taco Bell in Benicia with a similar handgun.

Witnesses in the Benicia incident provided a vehicle description. It matched a vehicle seen circling the area near Amigo’s Market in videos provided by residents and businesses, police said. The vehicle, a 2007 tan Chevrolet pickup, was registered to Hockney, police said.

As soon as Saturday’s Wells Fargo robbery occurred, deputies in Sonoma spotted the tan pickup and made their arrests.

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Napa Police said they will seek arrest warrants from the Napa County District Attorney’s Office for Hockney and Maravilla for two counts of attempted robbery, one count of robbery, and three counts of being armed while committing a felony.

Hockney and Maravilla were living in a residence on the 2900 block of First Street. Police obtained a search warrant and found evidence linking both suspects to the robberies and attempted robberies in Napa and Benicia, police said.

Police said they later learned that a key piece of evidence was still hidden at the house. This resulted in the arrest of Hockney’s mother, Shontaine Brayton, 53, on Monday for investigation of felony conspiracy and felony accessory, police said. In the jail booking, she is listed as Shontaine Armacost.

Brayton/Armacost was stopped as she left the residence Monday with a handgun in a bucket, police said.

Police said they wanted to thank residents and businesses who shared surveillance footage near Amigos Market on Solano Avenue.

Police said they believe it is likely that Hockney and Maravilla have been involved in other robberies in the area. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Dominic Deguilio at 707-257-9509 or email