Dolores Loretta Myhre passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loving family, on Aug. 19. She was 93 years old.

She was born Jan. 22 in Bismark, N.D. to Olaf and Irene Myhre (Smith). When Dolores was only a year old, her parents died of the flu and Dolores was adopted by Ludvig and Thora Paulson. She was raised on a farm and lived on a farm until she was 34 years old.

Dolores graduated from Northwest Business College with a degree in accounting. She was also a certified LPN (LVN) and had a degree in hotel management. She has lived and worked in 16 states across the country, including Alaska before it became a state. She has worked as the head of soft count for the MGM and Caesar’s in Las Vegas, a Tonka mechanic, a copy editor for the Minneapolis Tribune in Minnesota, and a poker and blackjack dealer in the Alaska Territory, just to name a few. She loved to travel, loved to meet new people and made friends easily. It wasn’t hard to like Dolores.

She is survived by her daughter, Theresa R. Curiel; her husband, Juan M. Curiel Sr.; her grandchildren, Zion Curiel, Juan M. Curiel II, Noah Curiel, Luke Curiel and Tony Bergrud (Attina); her nieces, Betty Geisler (Floyd) and Rose Towns (Larry); nephew, Ronald Erickson (LaRayne); and various other family and extended family. She is preceded in death by her siblings, Clifford Alfstad and Charlotte Erickson; her grandson, Rodney Curiel; and her daughter, Irene.

She has helped guide, nurture and influence the lives of everyone around her, especially the family she lived with. She was adored, respected and loved. She will be missed for her sarcasm, her smile and mostly her compassion. She was always a petite woman, but to us, she was a giant presence in our lives. Thank you, Gram, for so many things. We love you.

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