A DUI and driver’s license checkpoint was set up between 6 p.m. and midnight Friday in American Canyon, according to the Napa Police Department, one of the participating agencies.

During the operation, 824 vehicles went through the checkpoint in the 100 block of West American Canyon Road. One driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, police said. Four drivers were cited for driving with a suspended driver’s license; their vehicles were towed and impounded. Thirteen other drivers were cited for driving without a valid driver’s license, police said.

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My concern NVR is why are u listing these as dui/drivers lic. Check points? Giving the illusion that if you go through one you mist sjow a DL? Go read the law about check points. Its ingersol v. Palmer. There is no such thing as a legal DL check point period. When you go through a check point your still protected under the fourth amendment and you. Can only be identified if the police have reasonable suspicion of a crime. Period. See terry v. Ohio. These check points are random and must be to fit palmer thus no reasonable suspicion thus terry can not be violated. Im not sayn drunk driving is ok qt all however we need to know our rights and not let the police trample them. Do your jobs officers but only within your scope of authority. Thank you

Jane Esters
Jane Esters

Not sure who is funding these checkpoints, the city, county, state or feds, but if the money comes from my taxes I am a little angry. What an incredible waste of money. How many law enforcement officers were paid to sit in the street for six hours to arrest one person? Can someone give me a cost to one of these checkpoints? I have nothing against arresting drunk drivers, but this is simply a ridiculous waste of manpower and money. You want to arrest drunk drivers? Park in front of a bar and wait. How about sitting in front of the tasting rooms were we promote drinking and driving? Anything has to have a better return that this. Six hours, one arrest. How many officers? This is why there are citizens out there that are angry about wasted tax dollars. Just do the math. Thanks for listening.

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