Pacific Union College released a cryptic statement Friday about potentially selling land it owns in the Howell Mountain area, with a spokeswoman saying the college is not prepared to divulge more details now.

Last fall, the college listed about 1,500 acres of land for sale around Howell Mountain and adjacent Mill Valley. It’s been analyzing three offers for about 600 acres, including commercial property not involved in the listing that Napa County has approved for 191 homes. About 615 acres included in the listing is plantable to vineyard by right or by permit.

The college’s Board of Trustees met Monday amid speculation that it would select a buyer for the land.

On Friday, college spokeswoman Julie Lee emailed a report on Monday’s meeting to the Napa Valley Register that stated, in part:

“The Asset Management Committee presented its report to the full Board. The Board prayerfully and carefully discussed the top offers again and reviewed comments expressing concern and those expressing support regarding any sale of select PUC assets...

“After much discussion, the Board accepted the Asset Management Committee’s report and voted to affirm its 2002 and subsequent decisions to monetize select PUC assets in order to provide funds to enhance PUC’s economic position and its endowment.”

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[quote]gettingreal said: "Here's my take on why PUC didn't call back the conservationists. Most people in Angwin live to worship God. I'm not so sure that they would be happy with neighbors who live to worship the earth."[/quote]

Angwin now has an Adventist population that makes up less than 50% of the population in Angwin. You're comment about "most people in Angwin living to worship God" is not accurate. Adventists do worship God, but most of them also have an appreciation for nature from what I've noticed. It's part of their culture. Read up on it.

Additionally, PUC has become, first and foremost, business minded people. They do not necessarily see things through the window of their religion. My gut feeling says that they will go with the highest bidder, the one which gives their educational facility the greatest chance of survival. I just hope it's not a housing developer.


Here's my take on why PUC didn't call back the conservationists. Most people in Angwin live to worship God. I'm not so sure that they would be happy with neighbors who live to worship the earth.


Hmmmm, just wondering if Lucasfilm is considering the PUC campus for expansion and wants the whole package (minus an adjoining smaller PUC campus?) It's rather coincidental that he pulled the Marin County plug on future development this week. I would rather have the creative force of Lucasfilms up here in Angwin than a dense developer like Triad. I'm more curious than ever before. But I suspect that there is some sort of package deal proposal going on, whether or not it's Lucasfilms. Would the NVR please investigate who the buyers are?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard (thru the grapevine) that a conservation group offered asking price for some of this land and that PUC is not responding to the inquiry. I think NVR should investigate why PUC is not open to the idea of selling to a conservation group who offers asking price (NVR could substantiate this rumor?) It's a worthwhile investigation into the true motives of PUC. What's their motive for having land that no longer belongs to them developed into wineries rather than open space preservation?

Red Dirt Town

The only cryptic part of this land liquidtion, is why Pacific Union College has not reached out to the conservation groups of the world to save this beautiful land from more hotel, shopping center, and subdivision development? On Howell Mountain??

It would seem that a small christian, liberal arts college, founded on the values of natural health and rural country ethics, in a location chosen for its REMOTE natural beauty, would investigate such a buyer. Why would the leaders of the College Board of Trustees be so hell bent on development? Can't the college stand on it's 100 year reputation of excellence?

Who sits on the College Board? Who made the call to sell in 2002? And did that individual have land in Angwin that would benefit from development of PUC lands?

Some investigation as to why land is not being offered for conservation, why those phone calls are not returned is worthy of investigation.

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