A pilot was arrested in Sonoma County on suspicion of flying while intoxicated Tuesday afternoon, according to the California Highway Patrol.

CHP officers from the department's air operations unit spotted a plane flying recklessly while on a routine patrol along state Highway 37 in Sonoma County.

According to the CHP, the 62-year-old pilot was flying as low as 50 feet and within 100 feet of highway traffic, which is a violation of federal aviation regulations, CHP officials said.

The CHP officers noted the aircraft's tail number, which indicated the plane was registered out of Penngrove, according to the CHP.

The officers contacted the pilot when he landed at Petaluma Municipal Airport and smelled alcohol on the man's breath, CHP officials said.

The officers administered field sobriety tests and arrested the pilot on suspicion of operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol.

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I was sailing that day out of Pt. Richmond. The plane flew by so low I thought he was going to ram the Chevron tanker ship docked near by.
The the pilot flew between the towers of the San Rafael Bridge. I will say, the pilot wasn't weaving, just flying straight and steady...
Maybe he thought he was on a landing approach to Petaluma airport.... :)


I can see it now. California Airway Patrol complete with lights and sirens. First offense maybe they'll just give him a fine and send him to FUI school. You can't get away with FUI unless you're an airline pilot!!


You people gave me a good chuckle this morning. Thanks! :P


Only thing he’ll ever fly again is a kite if he’s convicted…they should also pull his drivers license, boat pilots license, hunting and fishing just to be sure...


We demand names.


that shouldnt be a crime that is every mans dream


An FUI. That's one you don't hear about very often!

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