Republican Assembly candidate Charlie Schaupp said he puts principles before party affiliation, which is something he believes too few politicians in Sacramento are willing to do.

Schaupp filed to run in the 4th Assembly District race last week, looking to replace Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, D-Davis, once she’s termed out at the end of this year.

He joins a crowded field of three Democrats — Napa County Supervisor Bill Dodd, Davis Mayor Joe Krovoza and Davis Mayor Pro Tem Dan Wolk — as well as fellow Republican Dustin Call, a legislative aide to a Southern California Assemblyman.

Schaupp is a retired Marine Corps veteran who served in the Gulf War and the Iraq War, eventually reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel. He farms 3,500 acres in Esparto, in Yolo County, that have been with his family since the 19th century, he said.

He said he’s a self-proclaimed social and fiscal conservative, who believes the compromises lawmakers strike can dilute the effectiveness of fixes to the state’s problems.

“We have a real problem in Sacramento,” Schaupp said. “They left their ethics at the door. Too often in Sacramento they want to compromise on the issues. What we need is to solve our problems. That needs leadership.”

Schaupp touts standard Republican positions of lowering the state tax burden and paying off its debts to keep them from hampering future economic prosperity. On education, he favors giving local school districts and teachers more control of the curriculum.

He prizes conserving agricultural lands while assailing the twin delta tunnels project Gov. Jerry Brown champions, which would take fresh water from the Sacramento River and send it around the delta for deliveries to Central and Southern California.

Schaupp said more water storage is needed on the Sacramento River, which the tunnel project doesn’t address.

“All of the water storage will be built south of these tunnels,” Schaupp said. “We can have water if we’re smart enough. The problem is that most of it goes out past the Carquinez Strait in the winter time.”

Schaupp has run unsuccessfully for the Assembly twice before, in 2008 and in 2010, losing primary challenges to then-Assemblyman and Republican Jim Nielsen, now in the state Senate.

Schaupp said he sees a message of agricultural preservation and protection resonating with voters in the six-county 4th Assembly District, which includes all or parts of Napa, Yolo, Lake, Sonoma, Solano and Colusa counties.

“This district kind of fits me like a glove,” Schaupp said. “The farmers in Yolo County still think of the farmers in Napa County as farmers.”

In the crowded field of candidates, Schaupp said he’s looking to appeal to moderates and independents, as well as the registered Republican voters. He faults the Republican Party with the recent poor performance of its candidates in California, as the party holds no statewide elected offices and has been in super-minority status in the Legislature.

“We’ve failed to reach out to voters,” Schaupp said. “I’m not afraid to stand up to Republicans and say, ‘No, this is wrong or stupid.’ It takes honor, it takes courage, it takes ethics to stand up in a strong wind and say, ‘No gentlemen, this is not right.’”

Schaupp acknowledges he trails in fundraising behind Democrats who’ve been on the campaign trail for almost a year now, but believes his candidacy can survive the June primary if moderates and independents unite behind him.

“They have a viable, bona fide candidate,” Schaupp said. “My goal is to be one of the top two, so we could have a frank discussion of the issues.”

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I know Charlie Schaupp and maybe you would disagree with him on a few positions but you can not question his Intergerity. He has my vote its about time Napa had a real voice.

Old Time Napkin

Finally an alternative to Dodd.


Hope he's loaning his campaign a boatload of money...

Charlie Schaupp
Charlie Schaupp

Note/Correction: Our ranch, listed above, Schaupp Farms is in Yolo County is currently operated by my brother. I am in a joint venture with my sibling on the ranch some of its operation. The family owns much of the land and we crops-share a lot of the acreage from various other families. We have been farming there since the 1980's. After college I choose a life of service with the military and public and have been growing some crops over the years. The lions share for maintaining the family business goes to my brother. The operation include many crops including 1000 acres of alfalfa that is mostly sold to dairy farmers in Sonoma and Marin counties. The operation also include corn, wheat, almonds, sunflowers, dry beans, rice (when there is sufficient water supplies), and other crops depending on contracts and prices forecasted for each commodity. Charlie


Now Republicans can finally vote for a true Republican with Republican values rather than DINO/RINO Bill Dodd who abandons his party and tries to join another for the sole purpose of winning an assembly seat.

Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes

Well now this is a fine turn of events. A real Republican running? But, what does that do for Dodd and his quasi Republicrat followers? Will they follow the shattering of the Republican Party and vote for fake Democrat Dodd...or will they be true Republicans and vote for a real Republican? Oh, the angst they must be going through! Lets see, how it goes in their for Dodd because he's from Napa...but he threw us under the bus after we supported him for the last supervisor election then changed to become a Democrat...but Dodd is a middle of the roader and he won't be a true Democrat...or, maybe go back and try to rebuild the party and get a Republican elected...will that nullify my vote because if I vote Republican I already know no Republican can be elected...OMG I donated big bucks to the Dodd campaign now I have to vote for him, but I really want a Republican in the Assembly...OMG!


Well Mashed, for us Conservative Republicans it's not a dilemma; we just do what we have always done, vote for the most Conservative viable Republican on the ballot...


From the article (I know nothing else about Schaupp) his stated hope of appealing to independents and moderates seems odd. He claims to be willing to stand up to Republicans when they are wrong, but the only faults we can tease out of this article are that Republicans are bad at convincing California voters, and they sometimes compromise, presumably with Democrats. I wonder if there are any substantive Republican positions he disagrees with. We should ask all candidates of both parties this question, the better to weed out hacks and officeholders who always do what their party leadership wants.

Charlie Schaupp
Charlie Schaupp

Mr./Ms. Flaneur. I agree with your comments and hope to have a lively discussion on all issues. The voters have a right to know and elect representatives they can trust. The gist of the comment on "Strong Wind" was pointed at corruption by leaders within the capitol that has been happening on both sides of the aisle. If you Google me and read my comments in the Sacramento Bee on Feb 28 (Residency questions dog many California legislators ) you will see more about my positions on or about legislators that lie or mislead the votes on both sides of the aisle. I hope this helps. Charlie


I had a similar reaction in wondering how someone who thinks compromising is a problem can say he's also reaching out to independent and moderates. Similarly, in a district with a lot of political blue, to state it fits like glove while also claiming to be a social conservative...well, it just doesn't add up.

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