Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch of Napa County has increased the reward money offered for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the gruesome multiple slayings of 10–12 dogs found near Columbus Parkway in Vallejo.

The reward offered by three animal rescue organizations—JARR, the Center of Animal Rescue and Education in Solano County (CARES) and NorCal Bully Breed Rescue now totals $10,000.

Vallejo resident Carine Peters made the first horrifying discovery while she was walking her German Shepherd dog on Feb. 17 on a trail near Blue Rock Springs Park. Unable to obtain any help from the local animal control or authorities, Peters took to social media.

Responding to the following public outcry, Animal Control and the Vallejo Police Department visited the gruesome site, but heavy rains and local wildlife had destroyed a lot of the evidence.

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Makeshift implements thought to have been used to kill the animals were found near the scene, including a box cutter taped to a pole, a tree trimming tool, and a shovel. The Solano County Sheriff’s Office is now in control of the case.

“We are very serious about ensuring there is justice for these poor animals and we feel that offering a reward is the best way of helping the authorities obtain valuable information,” said Monica Stevens, co-founder of JARR “These are not just random or accidental acts. The brutal killing of such loyal and vulnerable creatures is obviously the work of a person(s) who are a danger not only to animals but to society.”

If you have information regarding this crime, contact Stevens at 707-815-8153. Donations to increase the reward money can be made through the JARR website.