The California Highway Patrol found a stolen vehicle that was set on fire near Lake Berryessa in Napa County Sunday morning, an officer said.

The CHP responded to reports of a vehicle that crashed down an embankment near Highway 128 and Markley Cove at about 1:45 a.m., according to Officer Ron Simmons.

Officers found a four-door black Dodge that was on fire about 50 feet down an embankment, Simmons said. The vehicle was unoccupied and officers did not locate a driver nearby.

The vehicle had been reported stolen out of Suisun City.

The incident remains under investigation by the Suisun City Police Department.

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Again, negative press from Lake Berryessa. After two decades planning by the BOR and a hostel ejection of the once raving fans of the lake, formerly known as Permitee’s, the only news is negative.
At a meeting in 2007 facilitated by the NVR with the BOR & representatives of Berryessa For All, the rep for BOR (Mr. Pedro Lucero) was asked to provide five positive milestones that the BOR has identified and met since 2000. The answer was incomplete and the milestones were and remain unidentified. Why are the federal employees that mismanage a potential “vacation destination” still employed?
The recent reporting has visitation at the lake down significantly from the previous year and down over 80% since the period 2000 -2005 and yet the BOR still manages to maintain a job. A few topics to look into are malfeasance, failure of due diligence and failure to perform. Why is there ZERO accountability?
The point is that only news being reported from the lake formally known as Berryessa, where families once enjoyed watersports, are DOJ drug raids, unreasonable utility bills & assessments, S.O. responding to unruly campers and overpriced houseboats.

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