The Napa County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday gave the green light to three measures being placed on November election ballots.

The board will ask voters to approve a countywide half-cent sales tax measure for road repairs. It would generate about $11 million annually if approved by voters.

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority’s board of directors last week approved a resolution asking the supervisors to place the tax measure on ballots.

The supervisors also approved a ballot measure that would allow the non-golfing public to be served at the Chardonnay golf course restaurant, which sits on agricultural land. Current code limits the facility to golfers, a rule that isn’t enforced.

Supervisors determined that this policy change requires a public election under Measure P, the voter-approved law regulating commercial uses on agricultural lands.

Supervisor Bill Dodd said he would support the Chardonnay measure but disagreed with the opinion that a Measure P vote was necessary, and voted against putting it on the ballot.

The third measure will ask voters to lift weight limits on the Napa County Airport’s main runway. Those limitations were put in place by voters in the 1970s, thus requiring a popular vote to increase them.

The higher weight limits won’t change the class of aircraft that lands at the airport, but will allow the facility to rebuild the aging runway, county officials said.

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All the Republicans will be happy about this. They endorsed Bill Dodd for reelection knowing that he had been proposing a new road tax for over a year. So now the Republicans can gleefully go about supporting their candidate's new road tax.


The higher weight limits won’t change the class of aircraft that lands at the airport, but will allow the facility to rebuild the aging runway, county officials said.

I have spoken to the Chairman of the Airport Advisory Committee who has emphatically stated that the purpose of the increased weight limitations has everything to do with longivity of the runway and nothing to do with increased usage. The issue is simple. The better the runway, the longer it will last. This is all about financial responsibility and nothing to do with increased size of aircraft usage.


So our elected reps are no longer in favor of direct governance. They should step down and make room for people who understand America. Make a stand or get out of the way people!


On the sales tax, well all the letters pro and con will continue. Who can dine at Chardonnay reveals how ridiculous our land use laws can become. On the airport runway issue, not enough info to make an informed vote. There are some technical issues here and methinks it opens up a host of unknowns, like how would anew runway be paid for. I can see a scenario where us little folk end up paying for a runway for corporate jets, celebs, race car drivers...just a trust issue, I suppose.

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