Two Napa men have been arrested in connection with the stabbing at Bothe State Park, south of Calistoga, in which two sheriff’s deputies were hurt when their patrol cars crashed into each other while responding to the stabbing on Saturday night.

Deputy Steve Paris suffered a compound fracture of his leg and was airlifted to Queen of the Valley Medical Center. Bryon Kramer of American Canyon was doing a ride-along with Paris. He and the other deputy involved in the crash, Bryan Sardoch were also injured. They were treated at the Queen and released, California Highway Patrol Lt. Michael Berger said.

“I heard on Saturday that deputy Paris was out of surgery and resting,” Berger said on Sunday afternoon.

At the request of the sheriff’s department, the CHP is investigating the accident.

The call the deputies were answering started late Saturday at Bothe State Park.

That night, Michael Hurley, 47, his brother, Shaun Hurley, 49, and a friend Timothy Denver, 51, all of Napa were at the park.

Denver and Michael Hurley got into an argument, sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Perry said.

Denver pulled a knife and the argument got physical, Perry said, adding, when Shaun Hurley tried to intervene, Denver stabbed him in the back, arm and neck.

“Michael Hurley tried to get the knife away from Denver and struck him several times,” Perry said.

Police were called.

“When we got there, Denver was unconscious. Shaun Hurley was sitting at a picnic table,” he said. “We had to search the area for Michael Hurley. We found him in the park, and he was arrested for assaulting Denver.”

Hurley, whose stab wounds were not life threatening, was taken to the Queen by ambulance.

Denver was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Perry said.

Denver and Michael Hurley were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Meanwhile, as Paris and Sardoch raced code three to the stabbing, Paris lost control of his patrol car in the tree tunnel in front of Beringer Vineyards on Highway 29, just north of St. Helena.

His car slammed into a tree and then spun across the highway and hit a large rock. The patrol car was torn in half and burst into flames, setting off the ammunition inside the patrol car.

Deputy Sardoch’s patrol car, which was behind Paris, plowed into Paris’ vehicle.

Sardoch pulled Paris and Kramer, 18, from the burning patrol car.

CHP Lt. Berger said the deputies were responding to the stabbing call code three, meaning they were getting to the scene as fast and as safely as possible.

“These types of accidents when driving code three happen. It is not common, but it does happen,” Berger said.

Berger said at this time, he is not able to predict how long the investigation will take.

“We want to do a thorough investigation,” he said.

Paris and Sardoch have been employed as Napa County sheriff’s deputies for more than a year, according to sheriff’s Capt. John Robertson.

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