The young woman pulled out of the Napa River on Wednesday morning north of the Third Street bridge appears to be a suicide, Napa Police Capt. Jeff Troendly said.

The 21-year-old woman, who lived with her parents, had been reported missing four hours earlier, according to police and the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

An autopsy will be done either Thursday or Friday to determine the cause of death, Napa County Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Blower said.

Shortly after 10 a.m., a passer-by spotted the body in the river near Fifth Street as the tide was coming in. Both Napa fire and police personnel responded.

At about 10:15 a.m., two Napa firefighters with the department’s water rescue team swam out and pulled the body to the east shore beneath the Borreo building, just north of Third Street, witnesses reported.

The woman, who was wearing hot pink pants and a purple top, was brought to shore as passers-by wondered what was going on.

Troendly said a relative of the woman had called police at about 6 a.m. to report she had left a residence on Linden Street on foot. Linden is located in southeast Napa, more than a mile and a half away from downtown.

“She was in crisis,” said Troendly, who didn’t elaborate.

Police officers looked for the missing woman but were not able to find her until she was spotted by the passer-by.


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I realize there are privacy concerns...but why was this person's name not mentioned?? There may be people that know her and do not know she is gone. RIP young lady


I send my deepest condolences to this family. I hope they know that families everywhere struggle with depression, even though most are not open about it. Millions of young people struggle with this debilitating illness, though shame often keeps them from sharing their experiences. I know this family loved their daughter completely and wanted only the best for her. I hope that this sad story encourages others to seek treatment if they are struggling and offer help to those they feel may need assistance. Let's shine a light and remove the stigma on depression. This is a disease that hits young people hard. Though many don't know it, suicide as a result of depression is actually most prevalent in the elderly. Every sector of our population is vulnerable and there need to be more resources and help available to everyone. Let this young woman's death not be in vain.


It is so hard for me to understand, but there really are people who just simply do not believe depression is part of mental illness. They refuse to believe and think if a person is in a low mood, they just need to start thinking about positive and happy things. If only it were that simple. Depression is an illness some people suffer from. Usually, medication helps immensely and a person can live a fairly normal life. In fact, if you want to keep it private, you need not even tell others you take medication. It is your choice. God bless this family and help them through their loss. They will carry this in their hearts the rest of their lives.


May she rest in peace, i knew her a bit and dont believe she would do this. Autopsy will reveal the truth. But no matter what she is with god now in a abetter place!


This girl was the most sweet, happy, honest, innocent, loving, responsible, etc. I loved her like she was my daughter. My kids see her as an older sister who takes care of them when mommy and daddy were busy. They love her SO much. She did so much for my family, she was the only person I trusted my kids without questions since they were babies. My heart is broken! I don't understand how this happened, I just can't. I am still seeing her beautiful face everywhere I go. I can't believe she is gone forever. I am praying for her family. We all really need to understand that depression is a real mental disorder and get educated to be able to help whoever is suffering from that. I hope she is in a better and happy place now. We'll always remember and love her very much!!


Our hearts are broken! Our minds can't understand. Yes pleas help the youth that now a days they live in so much pressure. Oh god rest in peace =,,[[\


My prayers go out to this family and also to the sweet girl who police said most likely committed suicide. Time to wake up! Yes, depression is a real mental disorder! Talk to your kids, get educated and know the facts and address the signs. With the proper support and treatment, situations like this can be prevented.


May this girl RIP! My deepest prayer and condolences to her family during this sad tragic time!


A lot of our youth today are sadly misguided. It's very sad a young life had to end this way. Suicide is never the answer. I pray and send condolences to the parents and loved ones as well as friends of this young lady.


I am so sorry. My condolences to the family. I hope their privacy is respected during this difficult time.


Yes please give an update ASAP

the smart one

Can we get a update on this as soon as one is available.

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