The public is invited to Napa Mustang Days at the Napa Valley Horsemen's Association, featuring 20 young wild horses, 10 burros and two mules gathered from public lands by the Bureau of Land Management and offered for adoption.

The event, held at 1200 Foster Road in Napa, will include a half-dozen young horses that have already been gentled and halter-trained by volunteers.

The Ford Motor Company's Save the Mustangs Foundation is bringing world-renowned wild horse expert Lesley Neuman from Oregon to demonstrate how to work with wild horses, helping them to transition from wild and frightened into gentle, trusting companions.

Trainers Midori Morgan, Susan Watkins and Susan Wirgler will demonstrate several “next steps” in training, including handling the feet, trailer loading, ground work skills, and “de-spooking.”

Demos will begin Friday afternoon and continue at intervals throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, the Bureau of Land Management adoption will begin at 8 a.m. and continue through 4 p.m. “Ambassador” mustangs and burros — previously adopted and now trained — will be on hand to pose for photos.

Local horse folk will strut their stuff on Saturday at the 1 p.m. Arena Show. Acts include a grand entry of mustangs and burros, Peruvian Paso “Enfrenadura” and pairs dancing with Luis Castaneda, Karen Steinhoff, and Dennis Makemson.

The auction will continue until Sunday afternoon or until all animals are adopted. 

Napa Mustang Days is presented in partnership by the Napa Valley Horsemen's Association, The California Wild Horse & Burro Volunteers' Association and the Bureau of Land Management. The event is sponsored by the Save the Mustangs Foundation and the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

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