A grape goes to tobacco heir Patrick Reynolds and his personal campaign against the product responsible for his family’s wealth. Reynolds spoke to some 230 Calistoga high school and middle school students Wednesday morning about the horrific health consequences of smoking in a presentation sponsored by Queen of the Valley Medical Center.  The message has been in the public consciousness for decades, but finds renewed strength in the voice of a man most interested in silencing it. The fight against the perils of smoking is best fought in such forums and in front of such audiences. We wish Reynolds continued success in his quest to prevent future generations from smoking.


A grape to the Jail Employment Education Program at Napa County Jail. The program, which began in March to provide inmates will invaluable job resources and training while still incarcerated, gives them a jump start toward a better life. In today’s economy, the struggle to find work is great enough even without having to account for a criminal record. We applaud any effort that assists the all-important transition back into society for the inmates hoping to affect positive change in their lives. It will be a bumpy road, but hopefully the tools provided by JEEP can help.


A raisin goes to the insufficient signage alerting boaters to the submerged remnants of a levee on the Napa River just north of American Canyon. We reported earlier this week that several boats have run aground in the area of the former Cargill salt ponds as the California Department of Fish and Game (“Napa River hidden hazard concerns boaters, officials” on Nov. 16). High tide disguises these remnants, making them a greater danger to boaters. Sources have complained that this section of the river is not properly marked, alerting rivergoers to the shallow levee segments. Karen Taylor of the Department of Fish and Game said that additional reflective signs would be added later this week. Let’s hope this alleviates the problem.


Grapes go to musicians Jorge Santana, Marcos Reyes, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for their charitable Napa efforts this week. Santana, who will be performing Saturday at the Uptown Theater as part of the Malo 40th anniversary party, started his week with a special performance along with drummer Marcos Reyes for students at the Napa Valley Language Academy. With ever-increasing cuts to school budgets and specifically school music programs, these types of performances are essential in teaching children the wonders of music and the educational benefits contained within. Meanwhile, world famous country superstar McGraw performed with his wife, Faith Hill, on Saturday to a sold-out crowd at Yountville’s Lincoln Theater. The McGraw performance, through the help of the Tug McGraw Foundation, raised money for nonprofit organizations like The Pathway Home, a residential recovery and treatment center created for service members returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our thanks go to these musicians for their time, energy and commitment to giving back.

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Thanks for the Grape, Napa Valley Register, and the great write up and video of my talk at Calistoga High School on Nov 17th.

If anyone reading this would like for me to return and speak at additional middle and high schools in the Napa Valley, perhaps dontate the bestselling educational video of my live talk to area schools, please visit our website at www.Tobaccofree.org.

I'm also planning an international awareness-building tour in nations like China, Russia and India, where smoking rates are high. To be involved, see www.Tobaccofree.org/intl.pdf

Yours for a Smokefree Society,

Patrick Reynolds


Patrick Reynolds deserves a lot of credit for campaigning to save young people from the debilitating horrors of tobacco addiction. He could have easily taken the family fortune and led a comfortable life without becoming involved. I hope his presentation was successful in its goals.

If any of those holier-than-thou, Anti Prop. 19 voters are serious about protecting youth from dangerous addictions, they should be campaigning to outlaw the sale and public use of tobacco. It should only be available by prescription and treated as the serious addiction that it is, just like methadone treatment for heroin addicts.

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