Today, more than 61,000 ballots are on their way to mailboxes across Napa County. Some of you may already have received a ballot.

On the ballots are the choices for a number of important state and local offices. The way you mark these ballots will decide questions from how your state is governed to who represents you in Washington, D.C. to how your property taxes are assessed and which miscreants get charged with a crime and which ones walk free.

Of particular importance are the local offices that will be on the June 3 primary ballot: Third District supervisor, 4th District state Assembly member, county district attorney, clerk/assessor/registrar, and sheriff.

If past elections are any guide, nearly 90 percent of those who cast a vote in the June 3 election will use a mail-in ballot. That means that “Election Day” has already started, since at least some people will fill out and return the ballots as soon as they receive them.

In the old days, when Election Day really was only one day, candidates had plenty of time to meet voters, to get ads in print and on the broadcast air, to develop their message in detail before the first voter walked into the polling place.

Today, candidates have no way of knowing if the voters they are meeting are still undecided or have already marked the ballot weeks in advance.

Likewise, news organizations in the old days were able to plan their coverage, spacing out news articles and editorials across weeks and months leading up to voting day.

Now, when we break an election story, endorse a candidate, or take a long analytical look at a race in the final few weeks of the campaign, we can be sure that for at least some of our readers, it will be too late, because they have already voted by mail.

This extended voting period, therefore, places a higher burden on voters to know their candidates, and inform themselves on ballot questions, before marking a ballot.

For statewide candidates and questions, the secretary of state has published an extensive voter guide, including arguments for and against the two ballot questions on June’s ballot. A copy of that should have arrived in your mailbox already. If not, the entire packet is available online at

For local candidates, the county registrar of voters publishes a sample ballot, which is attached to the regular ballot, which includes some information, including statements from many of the candidates. The candidates all have websites of their own and there are a variety of candidate forums hosted by various organizations scheduled in the next weeks. We urge you to consider your vote carefully and avail yourself of any chance to see and meet the candidates in person.

This extended voting season doesn’t, however, mean that traditional media will abandon its role as an observer and analyst in the races. The Napa Valley Register has already offered detailed analyses of the important state Assembly, supervisor, sheriff, congressional and clerk/assessor races and will be offering a look at the district attorney race shortly. We will continue to offer ongoing news coverage of candidate forums, campaign finance, and other political matters right up to the official Election Day.

The editorial board will also weigh in with endorsements in key contests, including a look at the Third District Supervisor race, scheduled for this page on Sunday.

Elections matter, and we want to encourage as many of you as possible to vote. The county elections office reports that primary elections in non-presidential years, as this year is, often draw no more than 44 percent of voters.

The issues in this election are important. And now that so many of you are voting by mail in ballot, there is no excuse not to vote.


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Never missed an election since becoming eligible at age 21. (Shows how old I am as 18 has been the age for many, many decades). I LOVE going to the polling place and casting my vote, and hope to never be in a position where I have to vote by mail. I have friends who have voted early, then bemoaned the fact as some detail came to light that gave them pause to potentially look again at their vote. I tell them to just wait and mail it in at the last minute if they can't, or won't vote in person. It's every Citizens duty to vote. I will never understand why people don't. Citizens of many other countries would kill (and have) for the privilege.

Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes

No need to wait to vote. Just vote for the strongest Democrat in the Assembly race to deny Dodd any chance to be in the top two. Best votes for Assembly are Wolk and Krovoza.

Michael Haley

Taters, what is this, a scorched earth policy? If you can't get half a loaf you would rather starve?


Ouch...I understand completely MP...might be better to rebuild a base through a Dodd....

Hold your fire...


Yeah, the Democrats have California well, Unionized public employees, bending over backwards to reward law breaker, deny constitutional rights to citizens..! The list goes is over 40 years long this list...


What Challenges? the State Democrats fixed the reorganizing of district to only favor their party. California and it's far left thinking, massive debt, and the passive handing of citizenship to illegal immigrants spells only it's downfall. With 92 million unemployed, 52% of the work force...the future is not a bright one.


Uhhh...believe it was Schwartzeneggar who pushed for a new redistricting plan for CA. The Repubs loved it and helped implement it. THEN the world caved when they discovered most people didn't like Repub politicians and voted them out. Their minority stranglehold on Sacramento was lost. They even tried to have the bill revoked - too late!

CA unemployment rate is 8.1% (3.1 million) which is 1.8% higher than national. Even Forbes account shows 13 million unemployed nationally. Where do you get your bogus info? Wait, I can guess...!


Nice write up, if it were true. It all happened under Brown. Calling Arnold a Republican is also a false statement. RINO is more appropriate, plus who controlled the legislature for the last 40+ years...Democrats.

here is a fact for you, 92 million Americans unemployed. That is 30% of the Population and 52% of the work force. No I don't you could guess

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