Perhaps speaking for many in this county who are realistically looking at the coming effects of climate change, I wish to thank you for the very thorough article on its impact on the wine industry here. Since wine is the elephant in the Napa County room, there is much loss prevention and adaptation to do as we experience more extremes in weather and face future warming, be it a little or a lot.

The county has developed a County Climate Action Plan and each city has responsibilities to meet benchmarks for lowering emissions and adapting to the change. It means all facets, from land use to business programs to water conservation to housing and new General Plans, designed around climate elements. 

There will be much that our public may resent, since weather extremes and their “rules of engagement” have not been a big part of our lives as they have elsewhere in the U.S. And we will be tested in our personal commitment to avoiding “the tragedy of the commons,” in which we must each practice ever-more discipline and understanding in order to make it better for us all, rich or not, now and in the future. 

I urge the Register to make in-depth articles about climate change more of a regular feature, since the Napa Valley climate makes possible everything that we value here. Each person needs to learn how important their business and personal decisions are in this huge challenge to our society. It will not be easy for anyone, but it will decide the preservation of this wonderful place.

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Sandra Ericson, secretary, Climate Protection Task Force / St. Helena


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