A major jolt has hit private property owners with the newly released map for Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation Area. The only map available had been a 2008 version, which created a huge outcry. Now this May 2012 map is wholly invasive to the cities across four counties.

Rep. Mike Thompson’s HR5545 and Sen. Barbara Boxer’s S3375 May 2, 2012 map, accompanying their respective bills for Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation Area, was released for the first time on July 27.

Until then, a map dated October 2008 had been provided to all those who reviewed and/or supported the bills. The final map has increased the areas greatly, literally putting a dark cloud over a massive area, inclusive of extensive private property, such as ranches, subdivisions, towns and outlying rural areas.

These will be classified as inholdings — essentially properties destined for federal acquisition, either by federal purchase or forcing people to leave under oppressive circumstances.

This plan intends to eliminate access, lands, use, cities and personal property. The National Conservation Area designation comes with millions of dollars, which is slated to begin purchases of inholdings.

The designation will immediately devalue all of the inholdings, making them virtually unsalable. The National Conservation Area functionally will dehumanize areas, depopulate towns, and harm lands.

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Thompson has also been busy seeking federally funded fire protection, knowing well that the designated areas he has proposed and expanded over the past several years are prone to widespread fires.

The most significant longterm disaster is the “permanent” lock up of billions and billions of dollars of our assets — the natural resources, which rightfully belong to the people of California, and need to remain available.

They are essential for our future success, as towns, a state and for our nation. Stop HR5545 and S3375.

Lucy White / Calistoga


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