Medical marijuana dispensary election quest reaching goal

2014-01-07T21:00:00Z 2014-01-10T16:08:17Z Medical marijuana dispensary election quest reaching goalKyle Iverson Napa Valley Register
January 07, 2014 9:00 pm  • 

At first, getting 3,750 signatures in 30 days seemed daunting. We are now way past the halfway mark to getting the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance (MMDO) on the November ballot. Napa’s Compassion Referendum Committee (NCRC) thanks all its volunteers and supporters.

The NCRC is a mix of members from Napa’s Spinal Cord Injury network and proponents of medical marijuana. It is composed of people from all walks of life and represents a cross-section of the Napa community with one thing in common: a great empathy for those suffering and in pain.

The NCRC proposed and designed the Napa dispensary to be the strictest in the state and also to serve as example for other dispensaries. It will operate as a nonprofit.

Petitions are available for signature at the Bel Aire and South Marketplace shopping centers, as well as other areas. Please go to those locations to sign, or help gather the rest of the signatures. Email to pledge your support at or call 707-418-8024.

Nearly four years of planning and $100,000 goes down the drain if the MMDO does not pass. The MMDO controls, monitors, educates and invites local law enforcement in, while at the same time providing much needed safe access for many residents who receive medical benefits from cannabis.

Why not benefit as a city from tax revenue, funding local nonprofits and charitable organizations and creating jobs? Committee members grew up in this town believing that those were important things for our community. Napa had already decided it wanted and needed an MMDO and that is why in August 2010, the City Council unanimously voted in favor of our model.

The MMDO was repealed because of a fear of federal prosecution on the city of Napa. If the MMDO passes in November, the federal government will not be able to fine or interfere in the operation.

The application process that selected Napa’s first medical marijuana dispensary was based on merit and the NCRC plan was chosen. The facility will be located away from schools and neighborhoods, with discreet signs and advertising.

It is time to face the facts and allow patients in Napa safe access to their medicine through our MMDO. We have the ordinance. We paid for it and the city recoups that if this MMDO makes it to the ballot and is voted in. If not, our hard-earned tax dollars are wasted.

Get out and sign the petition. Our MMDO will not weaken this great community, but rather strengthen it.

Kyle Iverson is chair of the Napa’s Compassion Referendum Committee.

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  1. arze
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    arze - January 07, 2014 9:30 pm
    No Thank You!
  2. selim_sivad
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    selim_sivad - January 08, 2014 8:16 am
    If you want more signatures for "medical" marijuana you might try setting up a table outside Jack In The Box.
  3. NapaMark15
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    NapaMark15 - January 08, 2014 10:07 am
    Yeah cause I'm sure NOBODY that goes to Whole Foods uses this hardcore drug.....

    Best of luck on your quest. I'm pulling for you guys.
  4. Shaggy
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    Shaggy - January 08, 2014 10:11 am
    When your 19-year-old nephew breaks his neck and is paralyzed from the neck down for life, when your mother gets cancer, your best friend gets MS and your aunt has dementia, perhaps you will understand why getting a dispensary that is clean and well run, in town, is necessary.
    Until it is legalized, it can't be sold in pharmacies. But in time, it will be. Cannabis has amazing medical uses that can be separated from the properties that produce a high. Further, like any prescription, medical marijuana costs 2-4 times what the "generic" costs on the streets.
  5. napa1957
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    napa1957 - January 08, 2014 10:58 am
    So tired of the "munchie" and "couch potato" responses. Why can't people understand that there is a need. Not everyone who wants this to issue to be on the ballot is some squinty-eyed stoner! There were plenty of just plain, normal folks signing the petition when I was out and about.
  6. DoubleDs
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    DoubleDs - January 09, 2014 7:59 pm
    My wife and I signed up at whole foods were bit 50 ish, and there was a nice group of people around the table signing up from moms to grannies. Not one person had a negative comment. Those who were not interested showed compassion and just wished good luck and compassion. Unlike the people who hide in these forums.
    It's going to happen people. Get over it and start hating something else.
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