Organizers: BottleRock will be wonderful for Napa

2013-04-06T18:33:00Z 2014-05-01T14:57:55Z Organizers: BottleRock will be wonderful for Napa Napa Valley Register
April 06, 2013 6:33 pm

We love music, and we love the Napa Valley … specifically the city of Napa, our home. That love is the genesis for the inaugural BottleRock Napa Valley music festival. As WillPower Entertainment, we are the producers and co-founders of BottleRock. Willpower Entertainment is a for-profit organization that hopes to do well by also doing good. BottleRock Napa Valley will not only be good for our families and friends but also for local businesses and commerce. BottleRock will not only be good for the increased tax revenue that will come to the government coffers, but will also be good for the many nonprofit partners that will benefit from this festival. BottleRock already has partnerships with 20 local and national organizations — , such as the Napa Valley Education Foundation’s Music Connection, CASA, Napa Valley Youth Symphony, Land Trust of Napa County, Napa Bike Coalition, and The Tug McGraw Foundation, to name a few — that do terrific work in our community.

Much has been written about the festival, and we’ve had the opportunity to talk with friends, neighbors, and many residents about what the festival is, and also what it isn’t.

BottleRock is a 4-day, 5-night music festival here in the city of Napa, in the heart of the Napa Valley. BottleRock is not a giant, 100,000-people-crammed-in-a-field, camping festival. Compared to these large concerts, BottleRock is a much smaller event, emphasizing quality over quantity. Napa’s legendary reputation for wine, food and hospitality is second-to-none, and those same virtues have played a significant role in attracting some of the world’s finest musical and comedy acts to play this inaugural festival. Likewise, Napa's reputation also attracts an audience unlike most other music festivals. We are excited to present our outstanding lineup, complemented with the world’s best food & wine for our festival attendees.

And to make sure BottleRock Napa Valley is the highest quality event for attendees, participants and residents, we have assembled the most qualified team of festival production talent available anywhere. These professionals have embraced the opportunity to lend their expertise and talents to this special  event.

We have continuously worked closely with Napa Valley Expo’s management team and the various departments and entities within the city of Napa to make sure all of the proper due diligence is being completed carefully and correctly. This is an important and time-consuming process. The process ensures the festival will go off with a minimum of hiccups. In the coming weeks, you will see our comprehensive plan that addresses many questions, including parking, transportation, and other logistical areas that we know are of interest to the community. We are confident that all of this hard work will yield an enjoyable, well-run and organized festival. This will be a celebration of music, comedy, wine, and food that the Napa Valley will be proud of.

We are also working with more than 100 local businesses, and have employed well over 50 local residents. That number is growing by the day. We are also fortunate to have talented and creative businesses right here in Napa that have done incredible work on BottleRock. We are happy to have companies like Plumbline Creative leading our efforts. At the end of the festival, we hope to leave our host, the Napa Valley Expo, in better shape than when we arrived. To date, the estimated capital improvements to the Expo exceed $120,000. We expect that number to grow, and we are happy about being able to contribute the community’s future use of that venue.

We are excited to see the blossoming music scene in downtown Napa. The Napa Valley Opera House, Silo’s, the Uptown Theatre, and many other intimate venues around town are offering terrific music on a nightly basis. We are happy to add BottleRock to the musical renaissance in the city of Napa.

We live in Napa, we work here, we are raising our children here and we care about what happens in our community. The quantity of people power — including nearly 1,000 volunteers, most of them local — that will be working on the festival on everything from hospitality, crowd control, neighborhood monitoring, directional guides, garbage and recycling, reception, and more, is unprecedented. It will be a sight to see, and will ultimately be a big part of the success of BottleRock Napa Valley.

We are looking forward to working together on this inaugural event so that we may be proud of it as a community moving forward. Come check it out, enjoy some music, great food & wine, and … rock on!

Robert Vogt and Gabriel Meyers of Willpower Entertainment are the founders of BottleRock Napa Valley. They live in Napa.

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  1. glenroy
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    glenroy - April 07, 2013 8:04 am
    Who's paying for the hundreds of thousands being spent staffing the county agencies while this party goes on?

  2. Bluecollarnapa
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    Bluecollarnapa - April 07, 2013 1:09 pm
    I'm willing to bet bottlerock will be far more wonderful for the people putting this show together then the city of
    Napa. Most of this letter shows me that it is going to be a nightmare for us but hey we should be happy since its going to help us out since we need it so much!
  3. Life is good
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    Life is good - April 07, 2013 3:53 pm
    As the former director of the downtown merchant and yes, a senior citizen I felt compelled to respond.

    A quick answer to glenroy - Anyone who holds an event is required to pay for everything involved. The permit process addresses all apects of the event including staffing by county and city agencies.

    I'm so sorry for Bluecollarnapa - yes, BottleRock will cause a little disruption in traffic flow but the pleasure that this calliber of entertainment will bring to our town is incredible! Certainly there must be one band or comedian that would bring enjoyment to you. Why not volunteer so you can be part of the festivities.

    Please keep in mind that this wonderful town is for all of us to enjoy. .My hat is off to Gabe and Robert and their event, BottleRock.
  4. gettingreal
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    gettingreal - April 08, 2013 8:28 am
    You say you love this community. How about showing it with some discount day passes for locals only?
  5. Oh hello
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    Oh hello - April 08, 2013 8:39 am
    I don't doubt that it's going to be a fun-filled event for the attendees--the lineup is exceptional, and diverse enough to please everyone. It seems, though, that the organization leading up to the event is poor.
    Here are my suggestions:
    1. Obviously, this would have been better anywhere else outside of the heart of downtown Napa.
    2. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Why are the town hall meetings happening just now?
    3. Have a plan, then work towards it. Your way seems backwards--book the talent then figure out how to run the festival? Failure.
    4. All I hear is disgruntled Napans, sprinkled with a few positive festival-going patrons. I'd hope you would be front and center trying to be the cheerleaders who explain how the parking, traffic, and other woes aren't a problem after all. All I hear is how great the music is, but that's not addressing the other concerns.

    Good luck, and I hope next year's event (if there is one) will work out the kinks.
  6. napadeb
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    napadeb - April 08, 2013 9:22 am
    Bluecollarnapa hit the nail on the head! Napa cannot handle this size of an event at our little fairgrounds. It will be total chaos. I think Gab and Bobg most likely knew that if they made this public sooner there would have been more protests from the locals. Now it's too late and we will have deal with the chaos that will break out. Come on, 38K at the fairgrounds, you have got to be kidding. Let's put this in perspective, Pac Bell Park seating capacity is roughly 41,000.
  7. odiedog52
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    odiedog52 - April 08, 2013 9:24 am
    Ticket sales began with a discounted pre-sale specifically for locals ... and if they did start offering discounted day passes to locals, people would be crying about how they were "scammed" and how it was wrong of them to offer discounted tickets after offering them full price and demand refunds, etc.
  8. janewinebox
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    janewinebox - April 08, 2013 9:50 am
    This glorified press release is too little, way too late. The organizers of this festival are completely unrealistic the effects a festival of this size will have on the town of Napa. Yes this is going to bring a lot of business to the down town area, hotels and other businesses around the valley. It's also 4 days of 38K extra bodies downtown, it's foolish to think that's not going to cause a problem. And it's foolish to think this scheme for having people park far away and shuttle in is going to work. I pitty those who live near the fairgrounds as they will be trapped in there houses from all the traffic. Not to mention all the issues that will come from drunk concert goers.

    As a music lover and festival goer I wish I could be happy about having a festival of this size right here in my own backyard, unfortunately I just can't be. I hope the organizers of this concert are prepared to deal with the aftermath of this festival.
  9. napa333
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    napa333 - April 08, 2013 10:33 am
    Napadeb, you are exactly right on about the capacity. Just went to the Giants game on Sat. attendance was 41,000 plus. Even with the majority of people in their seats watching the game it was shoulder to shoulder and a mad house to try and get to the restroom or concessions with long lines for both. It was crazy leaving the ball park even after waiting 30-45 mins. to try. This will be a nightmare not only for the whole city and especially for the nearest neighbors but for concert goers as well. For those of you who have multiple day passes I'll bet you'll reconsider going again after the first day. As far as making people park in Vallejo or Sears Point and busing them in, forget about it. We live in a car culture and people want to leave when their ready not wait for a shuttle. Unless you plan to run it every 20-30mins. truly hope I'm wrong and that everybody has a great time, it's a rousing sucess and nobody gets hurt.
  10. wyngyrl
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    wyngyrl - April 08, 2013 2:17 pm
    Sorry, but there are still many questions unanswered. Have 38,000 tickets actually been sold, or is this just an optimistic projection? Have all of these entertainers actually committed to the event? If so, how did the organizers get major name players on very short notice? What are the transportation plans for the band equipment and "roadies"? Musicians of that caliber bring their own - that looks like mega-truckloads from what I can tell. The event is only 4 weeks away - if there are still details to be worked out, then I'd say it's a bit late. The whole thing seems fishy to me - too little information, too late, and way too disorganized. Fingers crossed that nothing really bad happens ....
  11. singerandasong
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    singerandasong - April 08, 2013 4:03 pm
    To echo and sum up the feelings of many...We welcome the opportunity to have a music festival in Napa and are appreciative of all that it can do for businesses, the community and our exposure to the world. The problem is that if an event such as this has the ability to fill all of the hotels and restaurants that is fantastic, however, once the number of attendees exceeds the number of people needed to accomplish this, anything greater becomes a detriment to the community. In Napa that number fluctuates by the time of the year. If you think trying to get a table at your favorite restaurant on Mother's Day is hard wait until Bottlerock happens on the same day. As I recall almost every hotel was sold out as soon as Bottlerock was announced and they had only sold a small portion of the 35,000 to 45,000 tickets per day that are available. A more reasonable sized event in the neighborhood of about 15,000 per day would have been more practical and achieved the same results for Napa.
  12. odiedog52
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    odiedog52 - April 08, 2013 4:23 pm
    Have all of these entertainers actually committed? Is that a serious question? Do you honestly believe BottleRock could legally promote their event saying these people are going to be there if they aren't going to play, or aren't confirmed? So how did they get them? Money and connections, not to mention they've probably been working on this for a while.

    Why does it matter to you the transportation plan for the band equipment? Regardless, that's not even an issue.

    Your post seems fishy and disorganized, and it again feels like one of those posts that's made in a facetious manner, but sadly I think it's real.
  13. singerandasong
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    singerandasong - April 08, 2013 5:02 pm
    Odiedog52 you need to relax and lighten up a little. Those are legitimate concerns. If you read more closely you will see that it says the lineup is subject to change. There are most likely conditions of the contract that have to be met before any act is a done deal. Yes the major acts are listing the event on their website so they have agreed that they will play but, once again there are most likely outs. I believe the reason they got so many acts is that Bottlerock promoters according to what they have said in the press saw a hole in the festival concert schedule during early May and took advantage of it. This explains the timing of the event. How many tickets have been sold is a legitimate question. If they fall 10,000 tickets short on Friday, Saturday and Sunday they will have a short fall of about 4 million dollars. Are the promoters going to take the loss? Are the groups going to back out if their pay is tied to attendance?? Pretty reasonable questions in my opinion.
  14. vocal-de-local
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    vocal-de-local - April 08, 2013 6:20 pm

    I am stoked about the potential for Napa to become a draw for music. This event will put us on the map for music festivals. Let's all try to get through it together. And as an FYI, I don't think the doors open until 11 (let me check that out further). My guess is that the bigger draws are going to happen later in the afternoon which might leave Mother's Day traffic more manageable. However, I'm fairly certain every restaurant in the area will be booked solid.. Let me get a schedule and repost here about what times will be most convenient to get around. In other words, there will not be 35,000 people at this event every minute throughout the day.

    Black Keys and Alabama Shakes will one of the bigger draws and it's on a Friday.
    Kings of Leon will be a big event for Saturday.

  15. odiedog52
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    odiedog52 - April 08, 2013 9:27 pm
    Sometimes stupid questions get stupid answers. i.e. inquiring about the band's equipment transportation plan. What does that have to do with ANYTHING?

    Trust me, I'm relaxed, unlike people on here posting up how gang activity is going to get worse because of the "hip hop rap" performers coming to down, when in reality, there is one hip hop performance comprised of two white boys from Seattle.

    Yes, the website/posters/etc say "subject to change", as do all other concerts, baseball games, etc., because nothing can ever be for certain and they're clearing themselves legally.

    Regarding attendance and artists being paid .. BottleRock is brand new. As such, they have no credibility as a festival and bands could charge whatever they want under whatever terms they want. I'd guess that they've already been paid to get bands of such caliber to commit, as there is some risk involved in being part of an untested festival.

    I'm calm, I'm relaxed, and pumped for BRNV.
  16. napa333
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    napa333 - April 08, 2013 10:38 pm
    There are no stupid questions. However sometimes you get ignorant responses. Everybody's questions,concerns and opinions are important and should be valued. Even if you don't agree it shows a certain amount of maturity to politely listen. As far as the question about the bands equipment is concerned, it's a very valid question especially if you live, work or own a business in the general area as the amount of people, vehicles, set-up and tear down time can greatly impact these folks.They had a meeting tonight at the fairgrounds and the promoters raised more questions than they answered. Anyone who wasn't there tonight please don't act like you know something you don't, there were lots of questions left unanswered by the promoters and they seemed a bit arrogant at times. It was meant to calm the neighbors and business owners in the immediate area. I think they had mixed success. However as a gesture of good will they did give us passes for the Thursday show. Much thanks to the promoters
  17. odiedog52
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    odiedog52 - April 08, 2013 11:59 pm
    Wait ... so the band's equipment and vehicles that will be be unloaded, stored, and loaded on state property .. and not on streets, in neighborhoods, or in the community is going to impact people? Interesting.

    Thankfully you are always quick to come in with the facts, napa333.
  18. napa333
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    napa333 - April 09, 2013 8:46 am
    I don't believe I said anything about facts. I just said someones concerns about the impact of the bands set-up/tear down crews on the neighbors, workers, and businesses in the area were valid. I really do question some peoples reading comprehension skills.There are very few facts to be had, even from the promoters. Like I said if someone wasn't at the meeting last night please don't spout off like you know something. However once again we get a comment from someone who has an over inflated sense of himself.
  19. odiedog52
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    odiedog52 - April 09, 2013 9:48 am
    Speaking of reading comprehension, I was being facetious in that you are always quick to come in and make sense of everything, and speak as if every word you say is fact.

    But please, explain to me how bands setting up and tearing down on state property .. within the expo itself ... and not on streets, in neighborhoods, etc., is a concern?

    I know plenty, and likely more than you as I've had multiple one on one chats with the promoters. But by all means, continue acting like you know everything because you attended the meeting last night, which you claim not to be helpful. Wait, so you are in-the-know because you attended the meeting ... that gave few facts. Interesting.
  20. napa333
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    napa333 - April 09, 2013 10:31 am
    I guess as you have the overpowering urge to have the last word by shouting others down have at it. By the way why weren't you there helping explain things. Like I said it takes a certain amount of maturity to listen other people.
  21. wyngyrl
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    wyngyrl - April 09, 2013 10:35 am
    Odie,, unless they're dropping all the equipment in from a helicopter, then Yes, the trucks (and entertainer buses) will have an impact on traffic. As you know, the access to the fairgrounds in on Silverado Trail or Brown Street - both will be heavily impacted. Sorry you think my questions are stupid, but I do think this 4-5 day event is going to create multiple problems for Napa residents. In the end, I am only questioning how on earth they put this together on such short notice. The Napa Wine Auction takes 1 full year of planning, and it's been held for 30 + years. Just saying ....
  22. napa333
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    napa333 - April 09, 2013 11:16 am
    I'm going to try this one more time. I didn't /don't claim to have any facts. I merely stated that the people who live and in this area are going to be greatly impacted by this event from the start to the finish. I attended the meeting last night. Did you? If not why not? If youv'e had multiple one on one chats with the promoters you would/could have been very helpful. If you had been there you would have seen that it was far more than a gripe session. It was great the promoters finally met with the neighbors but they really didn't seem to have alot of answers to legitimate concerns. Not only are set-up/teardown crews going to be coming and going there will also be paid staff and over 1k volunteers, this according to the promoters last night. There is only so much space available at the fairgrounds for parking etc. The surrounding areas will be greatly impacted. The promoters says they have secured over 8k parking spots at Napa pipe and hope everyone will carpool there and ride buses
  23. napa333
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    napa333 - April 09, 2013 11:41 am
    These buses are going to load and unload off of the fairgrounds property. Loading at night after the event could take up to 2hrs. these are the words of the promoter not mine. The equipment trucks are usually big rigs and like I said there is only so much room at the fairgrounds. I think I heard 26 acres.What do you suppose the people waiting ( for up to 2hrs. ) for buses are going to be doing (some intoxicated) during this time. Remember they will be out in front of peoples homes late at night. As everyone knows, even the promoters acknowledged this, not everyone is going to play by the rules and will park where ever they want. People have good reasons to be upset. How about we show them a little compassion and respect for what they are about to go through. This is going to happen, personally I hope it's a great success, everybody has a great time and above all else nobody gets hurt. Anyone who has had multiple one on one's with the promoters please come to the next mtg. and help out
  24. odiedog52
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    odiedog52 - April 09, 2013 3:55 pm
    There's already going to be a huge impact on traffic. The buses parked at the fairgrounds aren't going to make much of a difference .. not enough of one to warrant demanding to know their transportation plans.

    While Napa Valley Auction is a wonderful event (and I attend yearly), it is in no way comparable to this and it could be easily planned and executed in a far shorter time. The logistics are many times more simple, consisting of two relatively straightforward events, a barrel auction and a live auction, at two locations. They could plan it for 5 years if they wanted, and your comparison would be just as pointless.
  25. odiedog52
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    odiedog52 - April 09, 2013 3:57 pm
    Why wasn't I there last night? I had better things to do than listening to people whine about traffic and noise.
  26. odiedog52
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    odiedog52 - April 09, 2013 4:01 pm
    So the equipment that isn't on the expo property will be unloaded (off property) and moved onto the property? And when it's done, the equipment (that is on expo property) will be moved off of expo property to be loaded back up? That makes no sense to me. I'm going out on a limb here and saying all of the artists buses/equipment trucks will be parked in the Napa Valley Expo RV Park and loaded/unloaded from such.

    Looking forward to BottleRock. Tickets are still on sale if you're interested in going.
  27. napa333
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    napa333 - April 09, 2013 5:18 pm
    odiedog, in a comment above you claim to have had mulitple one on one's with the promoter, these are your words. You had a perfect opportunity to answer someones concerns, instead you called their questions stupid that deserved a stupid answer. These are your words you can scroll up and read them yourself. Why in the world didn't you take this opportunity to ease someones concerns instead of taking the low road and calling their questions stupid. I don't think the promoter needs any help in alienating the neighbors. There is going to be another meeting on the 17th@ the fairgrounds@ 5:30. "IF" youv'e had the multiple one on one's that you claim you should already know this stuff and you would be a big help at the next mtg. If not maybe you can learn something. I would also read slower if I was you. Happy trails
  28. Old Time Napkin
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    Old Time Napkin - April 13, 2013 10:23 am
    I think everyone who thinks this is such a wonderful event should have to serve time on a cleanup crew in the neighborhoods that are surrounding the fairgrounds. This might give people a wakeup call. I don't live in that area, but the impact will be huge on those residents. I feel sorry for them as it will be a mess.
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