We love music, and we love the Napa Valley … specifically the city of Napa, our home. That love is the genesis for the inaugural BottleRock Napa Valley music festival. As WillPower Entertainment, we are the producers and co-founders of BottleRock. Willpower Entertainment is a for-profit organization that hopes to do well by also doing good. BottleRock Napa Valley will not only be good for our families and friends but also for local businesses and commerce. BottleRock will not only be good for the increased tax revenue that will come to the government coffers, but will also be good for the many nonprofit partners that will benefit from this festival. BottleRock already has partnerships with 20 local and national organizations — , such as the Napa Valley Education Foundation’s Music Connection, CASA, Napa Valley Youth Symphony, Land Trust of Napa County, Napa Bike Coalition, and The Tug McGraw Foundation, to name a few — that do terrific work in our community.

Much has been written about the festival, and we’ve had the opportunity to talk with friends, neighbors, and many residents about what the festival is, and also what it isn’t.

BottleRock is a 4-day, 5-night music festival here in the city of Napa, in the heart of the Napa Valley. BottleRock is not a giant, 100,000-people-crammed-in-a-field, camping festival. Compared to these large concerts, BottleRock is a much smaller event, emphasizing quality over quantity. Napa’s legendary reputation for wine, food and hospitality is second-to-none, and those same virtues have played a significant role in attracting some of the world’s finest musical and comedy acts to play this inaugural festival. Likewise, Napa's reputation also attracts an audience unlike most other music festivals. We are excited to present our outstanding lineup, complemented with the world’s best food & wine for our festival attendees.

And to make sure BottleRock Napa Valley is the highest quality event for attendees, participants and residents, we have assembled the most qualified team of festival production talent available anywhere. These professionals have embraced the opportunity to lend their expertise and talents to this special  event.

We have continuously worked closely with Napa Valley Expo’s management team and the various departments and entities within the city of Napa to make sure all of the proper due diligence is being completed carefully and correctly. This is an important and time-consuming process. The process ensures the festival will go off with a minimum of hiccups. In the coming weeks, you will see our comprehensive plan that addresses many questions, including parking, transportation, and other logistical areas that we know are of interest to the community. We are confident that all of this hard work will yield an enjoyable, well-run and organized festival. This will be a celebration of music, comedy, wine, and food that the Napa Valley will be proud of.

We are also working with more than 100 local businesses, and have employed well over 50 local residents. That number is growing by the day. We are also fortunate to have talented and creative businesses right here in Napa that have done incredible work on BottleRock. We are happy to have companies like Plumbline Creative leading our efforts. At the end of the festival, we hope to leave our host, the Napa Valley Expo, in better shape than when we arrived. To date, the estimated capital improvements to the Expo exceed $120,000. We expect that number to grow, and we are happy about being able to contribute the community’s future use of that venue.

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We are excited to see the blossoming music scene in downtown Napa. The Napa Valley Opera House, Silo’s, the Uptown Theatre, and many other intimate venues around town are offering terrific music on a nightly basis. We are happy to add BottleRock to the musical renaissance in the city of Napa.

We live in Napa, we work here, we are raising our children here and we care about what happens in our community. The quantity of people power — including nearly 1,000 volunteers, most of them local — that will be working on the festival on everything from hospitality, crowd control, neighborhood monitoring, directional guides, garbage and recycling, reception, and more, is unprecedented. It will be a sight to see, and will ultimately be a big part of the success of BottleRock Napa Valley.

We are looking forward to working together on this inaugural event so that we may be proud of it as a community moving forward. Come check it out, enjoy some music, great food & wine, and … rock on!

Robert Vogt and Gabriel Meyers of Willpower Entertainment are the founders of BottleRock Napa Valley. They live in Napa.



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