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I had to just shake my head, when I read in the Napa Valley Register headlines that four members of the City Council actually voted against red-light cameras.

Chief of Police Steve Potter is trying to give you the facts and the best reasons for keeping them. Reducing accidents by 40 percent, that alone is worth the cost and “ill-will” of any tourists or residents. Every red-light ticket is potentially saving a life.

All of you sang Steve's praises on why he would be such an amazing police chief, so why are you choosing to not listen to him about the safety of Napa? He and all of us realize it is not a popular law. Not many laws, after you get caught and have to pay, are.

There are the four intersections that have them, yet people continue to run the light, proof is in the tickets/ complaints. Anyone can sit at any other intersections and watch the many motorists run the light. It’s not one or two; it’s three, four, five.

As for Mayor Jill Techel "feeling bad" for the low-income person having to pay the fee, then, I say, don't run the light. Just like, don't drink and drive, but you don't see that law easing up. Yet, the statistics prove people are continuing to choose to do it.

Councilmember Peter Mott saying, "the benefit doesn't outweigh the cost?” Really? How would you feel if you lost a family member or colleague to a red-light runner in a city, in an intersection, that you voted removal of the red- light camera?

Just ask the Johnstone Family how their lives and their many friends' lives were devastated due to a red-light runner in Napa.

As for councilmember Doris Gentry saying she did not receive letters in support of keeping the cameras, well maybe, because, letters and public outcry doesn't change your minds, i.e. building or expanding wineries.

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I hope you listen to Chief Potter. If you choose not to, then it is a matter of when, not if, a red-light runner affects you and your families directly. Again - too late.

Brenda Marie Miller