Enough trattoria restaurants; enough “mom and pop” pizza parlors. Why can’t Napa, or even Yountville, get any chain-type pizza restaurants? This town could sure use a Sbarro, Chuck E. Cheese, or other chain pizza restaurants.

Enough “fancy food” restaurants. This town needs a good rotisserie and soul food place. We want good old chicken fried steak, ribs, potatoes, collard greens, etc. Enough with the fancy foods that people cannot even pronounce, and decorated plates that cost $30 per person.

Bring on the diners, rotisseries and soul food.

Arlene Nelsen / Napa

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The high prices of rents, a lack of freestanding buildings. The planned Costco at Napa Pipe would be a good spot for some chain restaurants. Old Napa Ford could house a Outback. River Park Shopping Center at Cabot and Imola, put in a Texas Road House. The old warehouse store on Jefferson would make a nice Olive Garden. There use to by a Lyons at Trancas and Jefferson, that is gone but park of parking next to Staples is crying for a place to eat. Napa Corp Yard wold be a good place to house a restaurant.


I agree with VWMan49, I consider Napa my hometown, having lived there most of my life. And yes, I am a visitor now, but I say keep the dollars in Napa. If I wanted to go to Fairfield, I would go there. Tourism is most certainly valuable to Napa, but the locals must sustain it, also. Downtown is still looking a little bare compared to how it was in the 60's--

It is a beautiful town and I hope it can keep all of its residents and local dollars. But, residents cannot necessarily afford what tourists afford so there has to be a happy medium.


Idk if it is or was in the plans but a Red Robin next to the new movie theater would be a gold mine. Heck tear down the old movie theater and put it up there.


Sam's pizza was the best. Not when he moved to the spot where Marys pizza is today, but when he was in the shopping center next to Baskin Robbins. Now that was pizza! It was a special treat when my dad would take our family to dinner. Not very often mind you, so we really enjoyed the family meal out together.


me and Zane vote HOOTERS, HOOTERS, HOOTERS. for the wings, you know. :P


I have been in Napa many yrs now and I have to say I go out of town to eat..I would enjoy seeing a Olive Garden,Chevys,Red Lobster,Red Robin. All of these resturants are family types.
Yes,,I do enjoy Black Bear Diner,Ihop,dennys,Applebee's here in town,We used to have a great place on first street-Piclolinos..now closed..
Nape now caters more the visitors than the locals...I cant afford the high price of the places on first street..I have yet to eat in one.
Mybe with our new Century Movie House we will get some of these places in town.
Lets keep Napa dollars in napa...but some times we have to go out of Napa to get what we dont have..


Guess what Arlene, you live in a fine dining town, and you should be PROUD of that- we lead the rest of the country in enjoying healthy fresh cuisine NOT made by Monsanto. Did you just seriously suggest we need more chain food? If so, there's a Denny's and an Applebee's to satiate your substandard WT cravings. Get a clue. I've read some totally ridiculous things in the Register but this is probably the best example of what's wrong with Napa- to complain about being surrounded by some of the world's finest dining? I agree with the others, hitchhike to Fairfield-


I am not one to offer adverse comments but a neighboring city (Fairfield) offers all of this and more. Why limit your focus. 20 minutes and you'll be amazed. Go to Suisun City and you'll be in diners heaven.


When I lived in Napa, we had Alfredo's Pizza on Trancas (across from Bel-Aire) and thought it was the best Pizza in the world! To this day I miss it. We also had Palby's on the highway going South with great cheese bread and huge potatos, Sizzler who had great salads and their meat was good back then, and my favorite, I must confess: Ta Da Di Da-- Jonesy's at the Airport-- I don't care what anyone says, I loved the flavor of their steak cooked on the 100 year old rocks and their "special potatoes" and their Salad was great with their House Dressing.

I miss those days in Napa; now when I visit, it is a little Yuppy when I come as a previous resident instead of as a tourist.


There are very good, affordable places to eat in Napa, though it does take a concerted search to find them. If it is soul food you want, collard greens, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, mac and cheese, in addition to REAL sweet tea. check out Napa Valley Biscuits on Main Street near downtown.


Well, there are some very affordable restaurants in Napa and maybe only one in Yountville.

Fazerrati's Pizza
Filippi's Pizza
Small World
China Wok
Squeeze Inn Hamburger
Red Rock
Butter Cream Bakery
Black Bear Diner
Alexa's Baking (ABC)
Villa Romano
New York Pizza Kitchen
Mary's Pizza

Shall I go on?

Chuckie Cheese is a petri dish for illness and the ones I've been to with friends that have kid's swore to never go back. Get real.

mj napa

oops, you forgot Domino's Pizza. But, good answer ;0)


I would like to see a decent sports bar that serves good cheap bar food. Or even a Tommy's Joint kinda place. Forget the kids, us adults need something fun too.


Chick E Cheese, I would rate this as one of the worse pizza places, stale and dirty, I like a good pizza. How about a Hofbrau, something about open face sandwiches with gravy. and mashed potatoes. A nice sit down mom and pop old time pizza place, local flair and a pitcher of beer on a Friday night after a football game. We could use a really nice Chinese food, cheap but the kinda of place you will take a date or nice family sit down dinner. We need more sit down, family type nice dinner places or lunch that won't break your budget, no more fast food type places.

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Soul food in Napa is never going to fly. We have a huge new movie theater and it's not even playing the brand new Wayans Brothers movie. I wonder why???


NB, you beat me to it on the life exectancy. So, let me add this: The US is the only developed country that does not ban or restrict GMOs in our food; similar for the vast amounts of chemicals in our food. We die younger, are less healthy, and pay the most for health care than all other developed countries. Go figure . . .

My guess is that ChuckECheese, cheese, is less food than non-food product. Maybe their crust has some wheat in it, who knows. This is how most of America eats, no wonder we are so sick and die young. People who live on this type of food are one reason health care costs are so high. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and learn to eat real food, discover real flavor, more energy, and real health. And take a 30-minute walk everyday, you'll be amazed!

High five to the vegan here!

To the letter writer, be a good family member, especially if you have kids, and go explore real food, learn how to enjoy it and cook it.


RyanNapa, you are right about the Hooters, the wings are great and very inexpensive. Maybe St Helena will put one in.

I don't see why people don't get the chili cheese dogs at the 7-11. They even have a small bin of hot peppers sitting out in the heat all the time to garnish them with. You can feed a family of four for less than $5.

Of course, you won't live very long, but when you think about it, that saves money for everyone too!


There are 6 pizza chain stores in Napa now...myabe 7.


I've always wanted a Hooters close by!

Nacho Girlfriend

I looked into buying a franchise but apparently the one in SF is too close to Napa. A basic sports bar would be nice.


...funny... when they first offered up franchises it was $500,000.00 cash to hold a given location, then a slight discount per store.

To play at that level and be successful they're looking for a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars....needless to say that wasn't us.


I believe the proper venue for that might be the "new" glow in the dark, American Canyon, that bastion of cultural and social reformation itself. It would additionally appear that there are still several Americans despite all of the new dietary information alone for just children. Buying vodka and cigarettes in pink bulging stretch pants is and has always been low class as well as brutal oblivion [ the tough and tuned out version ]. That has it's own price tag later on it life [ think heart attacks, cancer and obesity for starters ]. One can live very frugally and still, by virtue of shopping with informed intelligence and patience, cook and prepare that most simple elegant dinners at home. BTW small plates are "in" now in the valley, so look for them additionally as a way to stay healthy and dine well.


I was going to comment on the strange choice of Chuck E Cheeze as an example of inexpensive, simple dining, but another commenter beat me to it. What about Domino's I think a large pizza there is $8. I suppose one could say that there is no fast-casual Italian place in Napa.


Domino's has done a remarkable job of providing a very good product for the money...having been in the business I'd never thought Domino's could or would...but they did.

mj napa

Glenroy, I agree with what you say about Domino's Pizza. - Good for them, huh?!! I'm wondering who you are... you said that you've been in Domino's Business? My husband used to own the Napa store, and he sold it to a new owner 4 months ago. Are you a former franchisee? Just curious.


I guess it came across wrong... MJ
No... I have nothing to do with Domino's.... started a pizza rest...around 1990 did extraordinarily well but like all startups I wasn't interested in managing on an everyday basis.


Whoever wants a Chuck E Cheese in their town and who doesn't really care for its local culture or the way life is there...shouldn't really live there. It's a free market economy, Big business came, it failed, so it left. Whoever wants cardboard pizza, frozen cheese, with germ infested ball pits and spending $30 on games for your kids to win a 50 cents toy is mental.


I would love to see more casual cafes where you can get really good, basic, reasonably priced food, and where you can hang out. A place that becomes a hub, a gathering place for people, with open mic and live music and interesting activity... I think we have some of this but we could use more.

Also, would love to see a food co-op in Napa but don't know if that sort of thing would be popular enough here... might be too much competition from whole foods, etc... (?)


Instead of another cheap place to eat, why not have a place where young people can be together. A year round skating rink for example is a great place for kids to go. Looking at downtown Napa after 7 pm is looking mostly at food places. Young people need a safe place to go and be with friends and a good price. This would help some keep busy and stay out of trouble and off drugs. One comment recently from a high schooler. "There's so many drugs here in Napa and not enough places to keep us busy."


A Chuck E Cheese would be a great place to take the kids, why not. Oh, I forgot, it's Napa.


I vote for a WILD BUFFALO WINGS :)


Thats a laugher. Also all the other pizza joints in town are a laugher. 30 bucks for a large average pizza. This town needs a house of pizza greek style pizza place like they have out east where i grew up. Some good subs and pizza. Nobody can make a steak and cheese in this town. People screw up meatball parm subs. Subway makes the best meatball parm sub in town. Thats really sad.


Wondered when someone was going to mention cooking at home! I can feed four of us "3-squares" a day, Mon-Friday, with healthy fare for less than one dinner for four at one of the upscale restaurants. And we do have Round-Table, and Ceasars pizzas...they're chain restaurants aren't they?


Cooking @ home isn't bad either.

Since I'm also not a huge fan of many places in town (not many vegan friendly) it saves money & it's better for us anyhow.


I agree with Exasperated. Are you kidding?? You really want a stale cardboard pizza joint in Napa. We had one and it is the most vile nasty pizza. If you want to patronize such a place go to Fairfield I'm sure they would love your business. Napa has such a huge choice of dining places to choose from - the expensive to the inexpensive you just have to get out an look. If you don't have the desire to explore then you sure have the right to eat at the Denny's and the IHOP's and the Applebee's. As for me I will pass, too many other places to choose from.


Are you serious? You really think that a 'restaurant' that serves junk food from a stuffed rat would be a good place to bring your kids? Gross.
I'm also wondering why you live here if you hate nice restaurants and/or good food. You might want to check out Vallejo or Fairfield - I'm sure there's lots of chain restaurants to select from in those cities. And if you decide to remain here, don't forget about Applebee's, Denny's, IHOP and the Big Bear Diner. You can get all sorts of pedestrian fare there.
The Bay Area is a great place because of the diverse offerings and distinct character of each subregion. This might not be the town for you.


Yeah, let's turn into Fairfield, that sounds great. I'm not a fan of prententious overpriced food either, but come on...


Yes, there was a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant on Soscol Ave. & Imperial Wy.
It opened in 1982.


Ok google Gracie's.net and check yelp.com reviews. Gracie's on Sonoma Blvd.


Few people remember Napa once had a Chuck E Cheese on Soscol it failed,,,


your correct on soscal by napa builders


well its napa has had all those chains at one time .but not enough people went to them or they would still be here .straw hat chuck e cheese smorgey bob's buffet .you all complain but never support make your mind up

mj napa

As we hear the sirens constantly (As I'm hearing now near 2nd street) - We could also use better oversight with all the deadly crashes.. but I digress. Oh, and how about NOT burning left over canes up and down the valley at 400 wineries on a Spare the Air Day. Ooops, there I go again. But really - when I moved to Napa 6 years ago from Walnut Creek, I was despondent over the restaurant situation. However, I became a "food network star" in my own home as a result. I thank the ridiculous restaurant's out here for helping me learn how to cook!!


Yeah. Cheap may equal rats. Try going to Queen of the Valley Hospitals lunch and dinner menu. It's cheap, good, healthy. For collard greens there's a great BBQ place in Vallejo. For $30 and gas, you get ribs, greens, chicken, beans, and two other sides. Good, clean, real Southern food. I forgot name I'll check online.


Really, that is what Napa is missing?

Madison Jay Hamilton
Madison Jay Hamilton

Napa already has at least one restaurant with a rodent inside. I suppose it would be okay to have one with a rodent as a mascot proudly displayed outside.

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