I hope that those in all areas of health care have awakened to the fact that we are now fighting a contagion that I call Trump Disease. It is widespread with a whole host of symptoms that range from unwarranted euphoria to deep depression.

Other possible symptoms may include a propensity to lie about even small matters, difficulty sleeping, overeating, anxiety, defensive behavior, anger, inappropriate acting out, strange reactions to all things Russian, nervousness, or doubling down on thinking that the source of the contagion is really good.

Some now with the disease look at their Muslim and/or Hispanic neighbors with suspicion.

We are now engaging in things that are detrimental to our own health and safety like weakening certain regulations that were put in place to protect us and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. The latter, of course, is detrimental to our entire planet.

This disease has spread quickly after the election. Even our allies realize we are so sick that they may not be able to depend on us as they have in the past. They look on aghast at our new behavior and worry that a similar contagion might also take hold in their own countries.

What can be done about this contagion and how can we keep it from spreading and weakening our very democracy? We must make sure our citizens are taught civics so they can be are informed and understand the functions of the coequal branches of government and have a familiarity with our founding documents.

That way, no person without such an understanding will rise to the level of the presidency of our country. If that should occur, we as informed citizens should have faith that our laws and institutions will ultimately prevail though in the interim suffering from the disease maybe painful to endure.

We should also restore civility in our interactions with one another, focus on our common ground, and take to heart that all are created equal. There is no quick cure for this disease but it will run its course and come to an end eventually.

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While it will not cure the disease, I assure you if you hug someone, both you and that other person will feel a lot better. Spread a little love, as it trumps everything.

Dorothy Northey