Edna Kathleen Steward died peacefully in bed of a cerebral embolism on Jan. 2, 2013, at the age of 82.

Everyone who met Kathleen fell in love with her. She was sweet and always interested in other people.

Kathleen was born as Edna Kathleen Wheldon in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, on May 2, 1930, to Edmond Reid Wheldon and Annie Cornforth Wheldon. More recently, she preferred to go by Kathleen.

She was a loving wife and a wonderful mother to three children, Clare and Robert by her former husband, Dr. Ronald L. Bell, and David Weston Steward by her recent husband, Professor Donald V. Steward.

Her loving husband is an emeritus professor with Sacramento State University.

She has an adorable granddaughter, Amara, almost 3 years old, by her son David W. Steward, an aquatic ecotoxicologist, and his wife Dr. Claramarie Collins, a clinical psychologist. They live in Oakland, Calif.

Her daughter, Clare Bell, is a well-known author of several young adult science fantasy books. She has also built and raced electric cars. Clare’s husband, Charles J. “Chuck” Piper III, is an ordnance and rocket propellant engineer. As part of a rocket club, they help other club members to build and test rockets at their ranch outside of Patterson, Calif., and launch them at Black Rock Desert, Nev.

Her devoted son, J. Robert A. Bell, is a civil engineer and surveyor who is a co-owner of Albion Surveys in St. Helena.

Kathleen has two grandchildren by her son Robert and his wife, Yvonne. Yvonne is a bookkeeper with a Napa Valley winery. Their sons are Mathew Bell, a civil engineer with Chevron, and Michael Bell, a recent graduate in philosophy.

Kathleen came to the U.S. as the wife of her former husband, an engineer with Varian. He is now deceased.

She trained as a teacher and taught young children in England, nearly finished her work for a bachelor’s degree in this country, worked as a librarian at Stanford Business School, and as a proofreader with the state’s Legal Analysis Office.

She kept in regular phone contact with friends in England whom she had known for many years.

Originally a member of the Church of England, she then became a Unitarian, where she met her recent husband, and finally became an Episcopalian.

She was not only very intelligent, but also wise and believed in keeping things simple and practical. She was not at all interested in modern gadgets.

Kathleen had two older sisters: Nora Falconer, who lived near Cambridge, England and was 10 years older; and Nancy Roberts, who lived in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, and was 12 years older. Both are deceased.

She loved to listen to classical music and occasionally played the piano. She also enjoyed reading murder mysteries and watching them on television with her husband.

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