It's so painful and even disheartening for me to see the effects of "Trump Derangement Syndrome" (TDS) exposed in the letters to the editor nearly every week. Sometimes daily. There were two in the Oct. 5 edition.

You may recognize the symptoms. They start with a refusal to accept the results of the last presidential election which intensify into vitriol, hatred, confusion, repeating misinformation, disillusionment, loss of sense and a denial of reality. Sad. So sad.

Although these symptoms already existed in many, they are made even worse by exposure to certain viruses. MSNBC, CNN and the S.F. Chronicle are among them.

Unfortunately, like the flu, these viruses cannot be eradicated and, like the flu, people need to be inoculated with a serum to help them control the effects of this devastating condition. Although I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, I have personal experience with TDS and have a suggestion. Stop exposing yourself to the above viruses for a month.

During that time take daily doses of the Wall Street Journal and Bret Baier on FOX. I know what you're thinking. Some will not take these medications because they don't trust them and certainly don't think they need them and therefore sink deeper and deeper into TDS.

But if just one person, just one, is cured, it would be worth it to see them stop having the hysterical manifestations of TDS. And that just might help others to come out of the dark tunnel of despair that is TDS, into the bright light of reality. I think that would be a wonderful and compassionate thing.

So I plead with those who have TDS, take your meds. I want to see you happy and healthy and rational again.

Kent Cohea