I read with interest a recent op-ed piece written by Lowell Young in the Sept. 2 edition of the Napa Valley Register (Darwin’s Dilemma”).

I believe Lowell was a year behind me at St. Helena High School. The article was about the mystery of human creativity, which the piece’s author believes cannot be explained by Darwin’s evolutionary theory. I agree and have written extensively on the subject.

In this regard, I invite Lowell to visit my website at the following Internet address: apolloniansystem.com. The website serves as an introduction to my philosophy, which I call The Apollonian System, a Complete Metaphysical Philosophy in Three Volumes. The essence of my metaphysics is that consciousness, rather than the physical world (as assumed by modern science), is the ground of being. Of course, this notion has long been a part of most religious traditions. Just ask yourself the following question: How is it possible that a bunch of inert atoms, no matter how numerous and cleverly organized, can wake up one morning and exclaim: “Look, George, the world is out there!”

My philosophy uses four-dimensional geometry, which I render graphically for ease of understanding, in order to make the case for conscious in both its universal and individuated forms. This led to the development of a four-dimensional coordinate system based in a new paradigm for time, space, and light that can be used to explain how the physical world came into being and why it appears to us as it does.

My philosophy concludes that what science calls natural laws are the product of a single unifying geometric principle that the “New Testament” expresses in emotional terms as love. 

In spite of my scientific education, I, too, have become a “theist” once the blinders of materialist philosophy were removed from my eyes by an epiphany I experienced in 1976.

I would be delighted to meet with Lowell or anyone else interested in this subject to compare notes. Too few people are willing to think about this subject until they are on their deathbeds for fear of looking eternity in the face.

I may be reached in Napa at lburris101@gmail.com.

Lance Burris



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