I want to encourage the Napa City Council to grant our community a special election to fill the void left on the council by Juliana Inman.

As far as appointing a new council person, I want you to consider appointing community whistleblower James Hinton to fill the seat.

Mr. Hinton is a regular at City Council meetings. He has consistently advocated for medical marijuana dispensaries. He has had a lot of success with medical marijuana. He has helped out suffering patients get acquainted with his new way of medicating. People of all ages and of all types of ailments benefit from his help. His experience in this industry would be valuable to our city.

Mr. Hinton is also known as our community's most progressive environmentalist. Fighting against oil refineries, cement factories, quarries, lead poisoning, deforestation, Monsanto and other chemical companies.

I want him on the City Council watching my back. I want him on the council regulating marijuana. I want him on the City Council when they hire a new police chief and city manager.

Power to the People.

Albert Bautista