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Can we as a nation just stop, and weep together?

Take one moment to grab our daughters, granddaughters, sisters or friends, hold them and just tell them that everything is going to be okay.

Why can't we look in their eyes and promise them, our most precious loved ones, that they will be spared from the unrelenting, unsuspecting vicious sexual aggression of the opposite sex?

How many households across our land have been uprooted and nearly destroyed, how many lives brought to the brink, all from the misplaced actions of men?

How many?

This degradation and the feelings of confusion and hopelessness that follow is a virus.

Offenders, you are loved, just as all are loved and respected as human beings under the sky, but this world can no longer afford you a veil to hide behind.

For too long, your sickness has been allowed to grow in the shadows, while still in the light you wish to thrive with us, side by side.

We have entered a cultural moment, a moment where this can no longer be allowed.

And not just merely no longer allowed, enabled, legitimized, or covered up — blindly or directly permitted through power, fear, or humiliation.

Let it be known, this will simply not be allowed to happen ever, and we mean ever, again.

Let me say that once more, but differently in case it was lost on some.

This nation of men and women declares that as a body of proud people we will work from within to cure the rampant culture of sexual assault, molestation, and rape in the U.S.

Fathers, start now by talking to your sons.

Because it can make you want to scream, lose your mind.

Swinging empty fists at open air until we collapse.

For those that have survived, or loved, cared at a survivors side, this is the life you created, offender.

This is the lasting effect of your greed and misbelief that you own us.

You thought we didn't matter. You thought we would be silent.

You thought you could run from the wounds you created.

You thought you could look at the dirt beneath you instead of looking up into our eyes.

Today, I am alive; today we are alive.

Today, I am not a victim, because today my offender will be a victim of his own actions.

Today I am just me, today I have the self and the soul, back, that you robbed from me.

Fathers, talk to your sons, and most importantly talk to us.

For it is true that every son does not have a father, but it is also true that every able adult has the duty to nurture and teach the innocent and be the standard bearers of good.

This can simply no longer be tolerated. We have reached a breaking point.

I beg of you now, America, fathers, families, and loved ones—find a cure for this virus—the answer rests in our hands.

No one alive deserves this horror, not even those who inflict it. Let us be the change we wish to seek and protect at all costs what is most sacred to us.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Marie Douglass