As many in the community know, it is with a heavy heart that I resigned from the Board of Trustees of Justin-Siena High School on Wednesday, Nov. 22. It was an extremely difficult decision but I could not waver from my principles.

As with most boards, board deliberations are confidential, so I cannot discuss what transpired during those meetings. The opinions expressed in this piece are simply my own personal beliefs and not those of the board or the school.

I initially joined the board when I was pregnant with my first child with the thinking that Justin-Siena was a very good school, but that in serving on the board and participating actively, I would be working toward the long-term goal to make it a great institution by the time my children were ready for high school.

When John Bordelon was hired as principal, I felt as though we were moving in that direction to become one of the top Catholic college preparatory schools in the state, if not the country. His leadership made a profound impact on the students, faculty, and parents, and it is understandable that these constituencies are incredulous with the series of events that have taken place over the last several months.

Based on the information provided to me, I do not believe that Mr. Bordelon should have been terminated. It is my belief that he was moving the school in the right direction and within the framework of the Lasallian mission.

As an attorney, one is trained to seek the truth and if one discovers an injustice has occurred, there is a duty to correct that injustice. I did everything in my limited power as a board member to do that, but unfortunately it did not suffice.

Reinstating John Bordelon would have been the right thing to do and, in fact, the most Christian thing to do, as he was an exceptional principal during his time at Justin-Siena High School. Any future institution under his leadership will be lucky to have him.

Suzanne Besu Truchard