I am yes, "sangry." That is a combination of the first two letters of sad and the last four of angry.

I am very sad about the terrible loss of life in Las Vegas and the many who were injured from gun violence. I am angry in its wake about possible bills in the House of Representatives to easy the restrictions on armor piercing ammunition and silencers.

I am very sad about our failure to do as much as we can to protect this planet and its species. I am angry that our president has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and overturned a number of measures that were put in place to help protect our environment, and also that our House of Representatives is now considering bills that would overturn a number of protective measures that were put in place to protect our wildlife.

I am very sad about the damage that hurricanes have wreaked on Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. I am angry about our president’s response, especially to the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico and his failure to preposition help before the storm, preferring to spend his time misrepresenting what the anthem kneeling protest is all about and trying to undercut his Secretary of State, who is trying to deal diplomatically with North Korea to keep us out of a nuclear catastrophe.

I am very sad that families who have lived here peacefully for years contributing to our society are now being split by deportation. I am angry that our president who said he was going after the “bad hombres” is going after everyone and now throwing the DACA ball into the court of an inept Congress that has failed to pass meaningful immigration reform in over two decades.

Maybe you are happy about all or some of this and that is up to you, but I am definitely sangry. I happen to think it is important to love your God, neighbor, and planet.

Dorothy Northey