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There once was a Yountville Chef named Bob Hurley

who in the kitchen was never found to be surly.

Quite the opposite was true of this kind man

who managed to do much more than others can.

He was one of those people who finding a need

could and did fill it by doing some very kind deed.

In service to this community he gave his all

if fire fighters needed food he answered the call.

It was always Bob who went and brought back more food

if supplies ran low when others weren’t in that mood.

Special foods he cooked especially for game week

and those St. Patrick’s Day dinners some of us seek.

He announces now he has sold his very own place

Another restaurant will likely take over that space.

But I assure you the likes of Bob can’t be replaced

with new foods with a very different sort of taste.

It isn’t just the food that we will miss, it’s much more-

it’s the man, his family, staff- oh, the memories we store.

With all of the good times we’ve shared over the years

it is going to be difficult for us to change the gears.

After retirement I attended culinary school for fun

and an internship is needed before you are done.

Bless that Bob he gave me a chance, no spring chicken I

But it was fun, and yes lots of hard work, oh my.

What I gained from all of my experience working for Bob

was an appreciation for those who do this kind of job.

It really isn’t a job for those who succeed have a true passion

to create tasty food and please guests in their own fashion.

Oh, the joy it brings to produce a beautifully composed plate

of great food for their customers I wouldn’t underrate.

Bob has enjoyed this experience for many, many a year

and has become the Yountville hero we all hold dear.

Now with a new chapter of life for Bob and his family to write

I wish him the very best and happiness with all of my might.

Travel the world, Bob, enjoy foods you don’t have to cook;

someday maybe you’ll pen a world traveler’s cookbook.

Dorothy Northey