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This goes out to all my friends near and far and especially to my friends in, near, and around Napa. I have two things I want to share with all of you. There is one that's good news and one that's so-so news.

The good news is I am coming back home to Napa on Feb. 8, that's next Tuesday and staying in Napa until the 13th. This will be my first time home and way way too many years I can count. I'm hoping that while I'm back that there will be a way to have a lot of us come together for an evening. Kind of like a mini reunion of friends.

And why so important is that this will be my last opportunity to see my friends, my home, and my town. And now I need to explain my second reason. So please bear with me as this is the hard part to write.

As some of you know my health is really starting to deteriorate and my heart is becoming less and less healthy. In fact my heart is very much in stress mode trying to keep me going. I had a second heart attack about three months ago and I did recover from that.

And then for the last two months I have been going from doctor to doctor to doctor, including the Mayo Clinic, for diagnosis. Unlike my first heart attack about nine years ago when I was given about 18 months to live. Well, I beat that clock I over nine years. Now that was a good thing, but with this last one the outcome is completely different.

My heart was left so damaged this time that it is a question of somewhere around six months at the most. And they all tell me I'll be lucky to make it that far this time. Only 25 percent of my heart is pumping blood. And as each week goes on is slowly but surely slows down.

They wanted to do another second open-heart surgery but no one will do it because they all agree that I have almost zero percent chance of surviving the surgery. And just the anesthesia alone will be too much for my heart to handle.

Now I'm not sharing this looking for sympathy or to make you feel sorry for me. This is not news I was hoping to have the share, but it is what it is. This is why I need to make this trip home to visit one last time with the friends I have left and to see my own town. I even went out and bought new SD cards for my tablet so that I have plenty of room for tons of photos. so make sure you shower and comb your hair and shave if need be so if you look really pretty standing beside me taking a photo.

I am really truly looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone. I won't have that much time there so I'm hoping we can all pick a time and date or we can get together or drinks or a meal or just a good old-fashioned party.

Now here's the real cool part of all this. I'm sure everyone has heard of Make-A-Wish Foundation and what a great cause it is in granting a wish to a child who is terminal. A couple of weeks ago my case supervisor made an appointment to come to my home and visit with me and she was bringing a friend.

When they got there the friend ask me if I've ever heard of an organization called Dreamweavers. I had to admit no and then they both told me what it was for it is the senior terminal patient over 65 and to grant them a wish. Is that cool or what?

I filled out an application, and one week later I was told to pack my bags. The feeling I had is hard to explain, how I was excited yet very nervous. Now I'm looking forward to it as it's only a week from now. They are flying me from Omaha on a nonstop flight to San Francisco. There will be a rental car waiting for me at the airport. My hotel room is already booked.

I am just overwhelmed with the generosity I have received without even asking or knowing. They are also paying all the expenses to cover my nurse who will be traveling with me. This is just overwhelming.

I hope this wasn't too boring or too long to read. but for what I had to say I couldn't say it in just a couple of sentences. So thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully we'll get to see each other soon.

Roy W. Stephens

Omaha, Nebraska