I recently had the great joy of visiting the remodeled Children's Library of the Napa Main County Library. I was treated to a highly advanced library children's environment stimulating the mind and the emotions, and feeding the spirit, all in such a safe and pleasant surroundings, and all presented with such good taste, uplifting children's desire to search for what our world is about.

The layout, the design, the art work, audio-visual aids, the furniture and technology all create a pleasant experience to spend enriching hours. The attentive and helpful staff make for hours of creative study and search. A real gift to the children of Napa with every child in the company of their peers.

I salute all those who planned it, designed it, voted for it, and approved the remodeling. To those who provided the resources that made a dream a reality, thank you. Congratulations to the library administration and staff: mission accomplished.

Libraries and bookstores are forever. Internet service lasts as long as batteries and electricity are in operation.

Viva la Biblioteca de Napa.

Armando Garcia