Look at how much money we're making from tourism.

That’s like a couple saying “we both need to work” so we can afford full-time child care, two professional wardrobes, lunches out every day, most dinners out or purchased, house cleaner, additional transportation costs, etc.

Sure, there are benefits from the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and other tax and tourism dollars brought into our economy.

But what about the detrimental effects that then need to be mitigated by all those dollars? Wear and tear on our infrastructure, increased pollution, traffic, lack of workforce housing and parking. Not to mention the psychological impacts of creeping along our highways in miles of traffic and worrying about why Napa County has one of the highest rates of cancer in the state.

And, tourism industries, this should get your attention: If you build too much of it, they won’t come. Who wants to take a long weekend in bucolic “wine country” if the bucolic is missing?

Please look a little farther down the road, past the seductive dollars and boom we are now experiencing. What I see are empty hotel rooms, people ordering their wine online or picking it up at BevMo, and tourists flocking to Paso Robles.

Iris Barrie