'Tis the last day of twenty seventeen and I could not happier be,

for this first year in the age of Trump was not the kindest to me.

But I was not alone in my anxiety, for others are much worse off for sure

given the trials and tribulations they’ve had or will have yet to endure.

There have been floods, fires, mad people with guns, and the very threat of war.

Some have lost homes, jobs, the security of legal status, medical care and more.

Our president cuts regulations, employs incompetents, and cuts the Department of State.

He’s got a fondness for Russia who meddled in our election and perhaps determined its fate.

It is hard to imagine how a much stranger year than this there could ever be.

But with Mueller at work on the Russian interference we are beginning to see

how much mischief has really gone on and yes, there’s some clear illegality.

I hope that he can come up with enough evidence to cure us of this malady.

Then there is North Korea with whom our president likes to have a pissing match.

It remains to be seen how long this will last until a nuclear rocket we’ll have to catch.

That’s what’s up for twenty eighteen along with a November election to be sure,

but with partisan divisions running so deep it is hard to see there will be a good cure.

But hope springs eternal and I have such hope for we have survived this very year,

the first year of Trump’s misdeeds, incompetence and more which truly I did fear.

We are bigger than this one powerful, egotistical man, and I hope from him a lesson we did learn.

Apathy is gone, women are on the rise, people are willing to speak up and we’ve much to discern.

But for happiness we do not have to look at our political state of affairs

for we have right here a community that really cares.

Here’s to twenty eighteen and wishing for more of that same

for it will those fears of world problems most certainly tame.

Dorothy Northey