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I wasn't going to get into this discussion about the mascot name, but the letter from Timothy Metson River in the July 15 Napa Valley Register did it ("Decolonization is a good thing").

Enough is enough; this thing can snowball into changing the names of the Pittsburg Pirates, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians and, yes, even the New York Yankees baseball teams and the list grows. I think this guy Gump had it right: stupid is as stupid does.

I feel sorry for a person who can't laugh at themselves. "Readers Digest" has it right too: "laughter is the best medicine."

Are you ready for this? I think the mascot name should be the Napa Winos. I could not find Winos in the dictionary so maybe it would be perfect it fits with area we live in.

I see nothing wrong with Indians for a mascot; they are a great people and I don't want to see their name lost in history.

Wallace Meyers