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I wrote this letter almost two years ago and it is even more relevant today. And make no mistake, I support the Second Amendment of the Constitution -- and I even own guns. And I agree that people kill people, but so do guns, especially assault rifles.

"As a Vietnam veteran, I am appalled at the lack of action by Congress on the assault gun and large-capacity magazine legislation. Actually, I am not all that surprised by the lack of action given Congress’ singular focus on getting re-elected rather than doing the right thing.

"How many innocent deaths will it take before enough members of Congress realize that banning all assault guns and large-capacity magazines is the right thing to do? And it is amazing that, according to several media reports, there are 5 million AR-15’s in public hands at the current time. Wow, 5 million!

"As my brother-in-law, who is a lifelong hunter, says, “any magazine with more than one cartridge is a waste of time since any decent hunter will only get to take one shot at a time.”

"Hillary Clinton talked about the “virus” that is responsible for all of these innocent deaths. Maybe that “virus” is really the NRA! And, contrary to all of the rhetoric from our esteemed members of Congress and the NRA, this is not an assault on the Constitution. Assault weapons didn’t even exist when the Constitution was conceived and written.

"And I don’t think our Founding Fathers would have stood by and let all of these innocent men, women and children die unnecessarily without trying to do the right thing."

Jim Verhey