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I attended Donna Shackford's funeral a couple of weeks ago. I was sorry to hear of her passing. I couldn’t share at the funeral service, I wouldn’t have been able to talk. I thought I’d share here.

I met Jack and Donna back in 1975 or so. I was a middle school student, and my sister, Catherine was dating Mark Shackford. Jack and Donna gave me my first job that year, dusting the shelves and vacuuming the store. I was about 12 or 13 years old.

More than that, they would come to my softball Kiwanis games, as Donna loved baseball. I am pretty sure they sponsored teams at Kiwanis, I know they sponsored many many softball and baseball teams in Napa.

Thank you, Donna, for coming to my games, for giving a middle schooler a job. Thank you for the chats at all the grandkids' birthday parties (My sister married Mark 40-plus years ago) and family social gatherings. Thank you.

Margaret Simich