So often in the news you hear of companies that take advantage of people in the middle of a disaster. Instead, we'd like to give thanks to a company that did just the opposite - The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa.

The Meritage has shown amazing generosity and grace to people who have been evacuated from their homes as a result of the devastating fires in Napa Valley. They have provided a comforting "home" for not only the people but also their pets that were displaced.

There are countless ways in which they've reached out to help us. From the significantly reduced room rate, to being greeted with a bag of toiletries and water, providing dog dishes for our pets, and offering their conference rooms as an evacuee Lounge with TVs covering the news, complimentary meals and companionship.

The hotel even went so far as to call and suggest that other guest/conferences consider postponing their stay so that rooms could be available for the locals. Each of their staff members has been cheerful and helpful - despite many being displaced themselves.

We cannot thank The Meritage, the Busch Family and the staff enough for how much they have done for us to make a trying time, better. We hope that you will cover this story and give them the recognition they deserve.

To our fellow Napans - please support The Meritage and other businesses that supported us when we needed it.

Editor's note: It continues to be the policy of the Register not to allow anonymous letters or letters submitted on behalf of a large group without a named author. This letter, however, was submitted and signed by 112 individuals or families taking shelter at the Meritage, so we made an exception in the print edition. The full signature sheet is attached to the letter online.