The President and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were scheduled to meet today and discuss, in part, reports that the Secretary had referred to the President as a moron. I have obtained a transcription of that meeting.

POTUS: Good morning, Rex. I have been told that you called me a verrrry baaad word.

T. Rex: I am aware of that and I welcome the opportunity to address that with you sir. But first I have a question. Let's say that you had five Super Huge Trump Towers, and I gave you three new Super Huge Trump Towers, how many Super Huge Trump Towers would you now have?

POTUS: Is this a trick question? Is one of them in Moscow?

T. Rex: If that will make it easier for you then, yes, it is located there.

POTUS: Oh goody, this is a fun game. Uh, umm, lemme see, can I get back to you on this?

I need to talk with Jared. He’s much better on this mathy stuff.

T. Rex: I suppose so… know A DumbosaysWhat.

POTUS: What?

T. Rex: Exactly

POTUS: On another issue, the White House Word Police have told me that Rex means King in Latin. There can be only one King, and the Electoral College crowned me that. You need a new name.

T. Rex: I’ll work on it. General is very popular, and Caliph has a nice lilt to it.

Eric Brian Zimny