Once again as a British ex-pat, I feel compelled to respond to Herr Craiker’s rant condemning my former country.

First of all, if he had paid attention to his history teacher, he would have learned that German repatriations where decided in the Paris Treaty of 1919 by many participating countries, including the USA headed by Woodrow Wilson.

Secondly, as regards appeasement it may come as a shock that the British too suffered in World War I to the extent that most considered appeasement or what we today call compromise favorable to armed conflict, until Hitler’s rape of Poland created an intolerable situation and forced retaliation.

It is ironic that during all the deprivation that the German nation suffered Messrs. Krupp and Messerschmitt seemed to fare quite well.

He goes on to suggest that Germany had no alternative but to stand behind Adolf Hitler. Really, Sir! You might consider applying to the current administration for a position. Mr. Trump would relish having his own proper gander minister.

As far as Monday morning quarterbacking the British Empire, no country has a monopoly on foreign policy blunders, but your history teacher would again remind you that most of the “hot spots” in the world today are the result of religious conflict. The Indian and Pakistani people I have met seem quite proud of their countries’ association to England.

I have resided in the United States for most of my 80 years. None of my friends has ever offered me sympathy for my British upbringing, and I am not aware of the UK asking for any. Furthermore, most of my British friends and family do make their own beds and sleep very comfortably, thank you.

Peter Smith



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