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One does feel that many of the surface streets are veritable race tracks with mufflers that barely exist and speed limits unobserved.

Imola Avenue, for example, can be heard seven blocks away. The noise pollution has become extreme in the last few years.

Are there any law enforcement patrols to help stop this daily/nightly madness? I don’t see any.

Napa Police Department, I await your thoughts.

David Rasmussen


Editor's note: The Register asked Chief Steve Potter about the issues raised by the author and he sent the following response:

"The Napa Police Department provides traffic enforcement, parking enforcement and abandoned vehicle removal through the Department’s Traffic Bureau. This bureau is headed up by Sgt. Kris Jenny and it has three officers (traffic enforcement), two Community Service Officers (parking enforcement) and two part-time employees (remove abandoned vehicles) assigned to address traffic and parking issues in Napa. The department also utilizes a speed feedback sign and works in conjunction with the Traffic Engineering Department to identify long term traffic solutions. Life safety concerns and staffing considerations are two of the main factors used when deploying officers to address traffic concerns. Unfortunately this tends to push us toward a “response driven” deployment instead of the favored “proactive deployment.” Non-emergency traffic concerns in the City of Napa are best handled by reporting them to Sgt. Kris Jenny at (707) 257-9671."