North Bay BMX in Napa held a USA BMX single points race on Saturday. There were nine motos with a total of 36 riders. These are the top-3 finishes from each division. For North Bay BMX practice, race schedule, clinic and free community track time information, call 256-0269 or go to

In 26-30 Cruiser, it was Steve Miller (Napa), Mark Gundlfinger (Napa), and Cooper Miller (Napa).

In 5-and-under Novice, it was Aiden Reams (Concord), Jack Freethy (Concord), and Dillon Marney (Petaluma).

In 6 Novice, it was Vincent Corso (Santa Rosa), Chase Buller (Rodeo), and Jeffrey Ellerbusch (Pinole).

In 7 Expert, it was Sage Schmidt (Oakdale), Michael Bennett (Napa), and Madison Smith (Windsor).

In 8 Novice, it was Gabriel Hall (Napa), Tia Evans (Napa), and Wyatt Moore (Cobb).

In 10 Novice, it was Amya Raven (Vallejo), Tom Loudermilk (Benicia), and Anthony Toscano (Napa).

In 11 Expert, it was Seth Ponciano (Napa), Jonathan Wachowski (El Sobrante), and Robbie Gomez (Napa).

In 17-18 Expert, it was Jeremy DeWet (Napa), Sonny Ingram (Fairfield), and Cooper Miller (Napa).

In 19-27 Intermediate, it was Jacob Young (Napa), Andres Alzate (Benicia), and Joe Alfaro (Vallejo).

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