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This is an unprecedented moment for all of us.

Numerous fires are besieging the hillsides that surround our community, and it is affecting every aspect of our daily lives. Many of our family and friends have lost their homes or their place of business. Many of our neighbors have been evacuated or displaced. Those that remain are in limbo, hoping they don’t have to abandon their homes, too.

The Register sports staff is going through this with you, and we’re sensitive to the fact that athletics – while always a welcome escape – are firmly taking a backseat right now.

We are doing our best to adapt our coverage and respectfully approach sports stories under this new backdrop of a fire-filled Napa Valley.

With every level of athletics at a complete standstill at the moment, some days our section may appear like it’s a regular day. It is far from ideal, but it is our reality when information is limited and safety and quality of life are the priority.

This is an evolving situation, and we have just as many questions about the unknown as you do. There will undoubtedly be numerous schedule changes and cancellations in the coming days and weeks. Air quality will continue to pose a challenge to outdoor sports.

As things change or take shape, we will do everything we can to bring updates to you as soon as possible.

We also want to open the line of communication even further. In times like this, the camaraderie and character built through athletics really shines. If you hear of a team, a coach, an athlete, organization – whatever – doing something or going through something worth sharing, tell us about it.

You can send story tips to, or call the NVR Sports hotline at 707-256-2256.

Few things unify us like sports, and now is an opportunity to shine an even brighter light on one of the most community-driven aspects of the Napa Valley.

– Marty James, Andy Wilcox, Yousef Baig