The Napa Valley Jets’ age 11-13 Junior Midget and age 13-15 Midget teams competed at the Western National Youth Football Championships in Las Vegas during the Thanksgiving week school break.

The Midgets competed in a 14-year-old, national four-team bracket. A very strategically played and tough first game against the West San Jose Storm was tied 8-8 after regulation, and the Jets went on to lose 12-8 in a tie-breaker. In the second bracket, the Jets overwhelmed the Bakersfield Raiders, 50-12, and brought home a third-place trophy.

The members of the Jets’ Midgets were Stephen Hill, Jalen Johnson, Saul Lopez, Austin Gutierrez, Steve Groff, Daniel Reyes, Arturo Ortiz, Alex Chowell-Diaz, Alexis Hernandez, Andrew Trejo, Omar Steyteieh, Jacob Wojcik, Tristan Ruvalcaba, Isaiah Bueno, Jacob Poochigan, Joseph Yokoi, Leonardo Rodriguez-Lopez, Malik Davis, Devin Duenas, Tyler Kilpatrick, Ben Chaidez and Javier Duron.

The Jets’ Junior Midgets were in the age 12-13 American three-team bracket. In what one tournament official called the best youth game he has ever witnessed at any national youth championships, the Jets came up short to the Santa Clarita Vikings, 25-12. The following day, the Junior Midget Jets dominated a Chatsworth Chief SoCal team, 25-12, returning to Napa with a second-place trophy.

The members of the Jets’ Junior Midgets were Hunter Larue, Manny Herrera, Sam Chavoya, Isaiah Garcia, Roman Reyes, Cameron Plowman, Alan Estrella, Ray Garcia, Predrag Zivkovic, Anthony Garcia, Fabian Barboza, Colton Epperson, Ricky Navarro, Dante Salinas, Ricky Luna, Jesus Ochoa-Hernandez, Jesus Sanchez, Adan Ortega-Gutierrez, Tanner Long-Sandau, Jacob Richmond, Giancarlo Baldini, Isaac Castrillo, Liam Butler, Abrahan Cortes, Giovanni Gaxiola, Dawson Trent, Dylan Key and Chase La Rue.

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