Berryessa Delivers Smallies … for local angler Peter Indelicato. Rapala’s jointed shad did the trick in eight to 10 feet of water. Here’s his fishing partner, Eric Phillips, looking over a couple of their smallmouth bass.

It’s bass time at Berryessa; remember you can target three bass species right in this one water – largemouth, smallmouth and spotted. Catching all three in one 24-hour day qualifies you to submit an application to the International Game Fish Association to become a member of their Bass Grand Slam Club. It’s pretty rarified turf – only 11 anglers is the world have scored this status; seven came from our own Berryessa.

Putah Creek Report … for May from Napa fly-fishing instructor and guide Richard Loft (294-4738 or Here are some key excerpts: “Just when I was beginning to worry that there’d be no good fishing this year, the rain stopped, the creek finally dropped to fishable levels, and is fishing well again” and “I’ve been spending even more time on the creek than usual, re-learning some of my favorite areas.” Here’s my favorite: “I took out a father and his two adult sons last week and they had an awesome time. After hooking into a 15-inch rainbow, one son lit up a cigar and just sat down on a rock and watched his brother and dad fish, with a contented look on his face.”

It’s Wild Rainbow Time Again … on the Sacramento River at Redding. Doug Roberts and I are on the river right now. Stan Press and Ron McGowan will join me there next week. So stay tuned. It’s my 23rd straight year fishing the Sac with pro river guide, Kevin Brock (800-995-5543).

The dam above Redding sends water out of the bottom so it is always very cold – just the ticket for that resident population of big wild rainbows that live there year-round. Want to catch a really big wild trout? This is the place. Stan and I have both caught and released 7-pound trout there. They are beautifully colored with a rose-copper gill plate that only nature could paint.

Nature also gives us plenty of outdoor dividends to go with the hot bite. We see tiny new born ducks already learning the cross the river in a flotilla with Mom and Pop, newly hatched goslings and nature’s best anglers – ospreys that hunt and catch trout by diving on them like Air Force dive bombers. Bring your camera for sure.

Ocean Fishing for King Salmon … has now reopened and will stay open until Oct. 31. Even though numbers are small this year, there are still thousands of these silver bullets that you can target in 2017. Be sure to send me photos of your biggest ones.

Strong northwest winds have made it tough for boats to make it out. But don’t worry; let them shake the rust off again and find the fish before investing in a trip.

Instead, go over to Bodega Bay for a rockfish/crab combo trip while you are waiting. Captain Rick Powers on the New Sea Angler (875-3344) has been scoring limits all around on good-quality rockfish while pulling crabs on every trip. The six-pack Miss Anita (875-3474) has been running north to Fort Ross for rocks and ling cod.

Bay Action … is focused on halibut fishing right now.

Hey Kids Ages 3-15 … Remind Mom and Dad that the George Carl Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby is this Sunday, May 21, at the launch ramp at Lake Hennessey. Starts at 6 a.m. with last weigh-in at 11 a.m. sharp. Just bring your parents and gear.

With three age categories and three fish categories, there are plenty of chances for you to score a trophy. Certificates will be presented to all entrants.

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